Thursday, July 12, 2007

All's Quiet on the Home Front

Baby Bella is feeling right at home these days. She has taken over Bev's old antics of sleeping in the "cat bed," carrying miscellaneous items around the house in her mouth and basically letting everyone know she has arrived. It does the heart good to see a little thing that was so pitiful enjoying her new found life. She's quite content here, as you can see. Abby wants to baby her; but she'll have none of that. All she wants to do is play. Abby gets disgruntled and walks away. Dave wants to kiss her too; again with the biting and playing. Dave takes that as a complete insult and thus has nothing to do with her.

Raphi made it home safely after an unplanned night in Atlanta. The cuz made it home after many hours waiting at the airport. Oh to travel in the Southern and mid-Atlantic states during the summer time. You just never know when those wicked thunder storms are going to wreak havoc with travel plans. Raphi's delays were due to storms in Alabama. Finally, when an opening came, they jetted him off to Atlanta even though he had already missed all his connections. Jacq's flight back to the DC area was delayed more than five times. After the fifth, and still no clearance in sight due to a horrendous storm in DC, I decided to pull the plug and let her stay another night. I've travelled enough to know once the domino effect begins in the Northeast corridor and you're already four or five hours into it, you may as well hang it up, cancellations will soon follow. After changing her flight to Wednesday, we began to exit the airport. I stopped at another Southwest Airlines desk, about six gates down from our original to grab another form to fill out. Unaccompanied minors have paperwork, ya know. I figured I would rather have it all filled out before coming back in the morning. As we were waiting, we heard the announcement that the original flight was NOW BOARDING! Of course. Murphy's law, right? I motioned the kids to follow me and we high-tailed it back to the gate. I was crossing my fingers that they had not already given up her seat. The attendant took one look at us and began keying her back in. We were in like flint. Yahoo. I knew she was ready to go back home and I know how disappointing it can be when you have your hopes up. She was elated to be back en route. Poor girl didn't make it home until after 10 p.m. But it all ended fine. Here she is saying goodbye to Bella. Of course, we all miss her terribly.

The hub arrives home today after a two-day stint in NYC. He had clients to entertain and fashion shows in which to partake. Hope he brings some pics home to share.

Mom is doing great. Seeming like her old self again. She doesn't come upstairs every ten minutes to make sure I'm here, so we're all settling in, I suppose. I've been busy making Jacq some pages for a scrapbook from her time here with us. Lordy, if I ever figure out Photoshop, it will be a miracle.

After getting rid of all the weeds in the front, I'm itching to plant some more things. Every day, I say I'll go out and get some plants but then the day is gone, poof. Wonder where it goes? All the plants are showing they're late summer blahness. Wish I could just snap my fingers and have the hedgerows all grown and shaped. I definitely need a little color out there in front. Tisk tisk, it all looks horrendous. At least most of it came back after that late freeze this winter. I had thought I would lose everything!

I kinda feel like I have a cold coming on. Fun. I've taken my herbs and I'm on my way to get some Advil. Hoping that does the trick. Probably just another storm heading our way. Aw, summatime!


cityfarmer said...

Beautiful entryway...
Wish all was quiet on this homefront

LisaOceandreamer said...

You really have had some very active days of late. I know it's a bit of let down when things begin to slow, guests leave, BUT I just know they won't soon forgot all the fun. I think you'd SO much fun to hang out with.
Bella is SOOO cute, she doesn't seem to be letting her wee size stop her from claiming her rightful place.
Your hub gets to go to partake in fashion shows? in NYC? WOW!
Take it easy now - NO getting sick!
p.s.what luck with getting her on that flight!

Mrs. D said...

Bella is such a cute little thing. I just love that first photo.



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