Monday, July 02, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Since the hub and teenager were coming down to Riverside and mom is in a fragile state, I thought I better high tail it back up. It took FOR-EVER! Raphi and I left the house at 10:30 to pick up the rental car and I don't think I got home until after 8! Lord have mercy! First, instead of taking I-10 from where I was, I drove all the way back into Fairhope, past the house and out again. Sometimes I wonder about myself. Like I said before, I am always lost. Anyhoo, the rental car had been sitting out in an Alabama parking lot for Lord knows how long, so it was hot through to the core. It literally took two hours for it to cool down inside. The poor animules were just a panting. By the time it did cool down and I was flying and making good time, the interstate came to a complete halt. Of course, I was low on gas--trying to make it to my half way point before stopping. So there we sat, in the beating sun, low on gas, going from 100ºƒ air to air conditioning to save on gas. I kept giving the babies water as they were so hot. We sat, and I mean literally sat--no movement--for over an hour. As soon as we started again and I got to a gas station, I asked what the deal was. Apparently there was a motorcycle accident. So sad. Anyhoo, made it home safely and was glad to get in. Mom was already asleep so I waited until this morning to see her. It's good to be home.

I'm slowly introducing Bella to Dave and Abby. So far, so good. She's the feisty one, getting all triangular on them. Thank goodness the big cats are laid back. She has a chip on her shoulder, I swear. She even goes after Rootie, trying to instigate her. Rootie could take her out in one chomp so I haven't left those two together in a room without adult supervision. I first put Bella in our room to sleep. No good. At 4 a.m., I was moving the litter box and food over to the empty kid's room. I already look forward to a full-night sleep tonight.

The hub had a little juggling to do in the office and had to put his vacation off several days. Hopefully, he'll be able to leave today.

Now it's time to get mom out for lunch. I'm sure she'll enjoy that!!


Janet said...

Ah!! Traffic....ain't it fun! We were stopped in traffic over the weekend only we were in the mountains on a tiny, twisty road with lots of construction going on and it wasn't 100º! But it's still no fun. Glad you didn't run out of gas and you made it home safely.

cityfarmer said...

I'm so very behind with all of your news...forgive's called soon

Beth said...

Yuck on the traffic jam,,don't cha wish we had cars that could become helicopters in traffic? So glad your home,,hope to see ya next week! Missed you so mucho!!!
Have a great Fourth of July!!!



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