Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ms. Arteest

Sunset from Kitchen Window

We have been having the most beautiful fall sunsets I have ever seen. Simply amazing. The one the other day was breathtaking--the one with the rays of sun shining down on the landscape. My oh my.

I have been unmotivated blogwise recently, and I can't quite put my finger on it other than I have a lot on my mind right now. I've been doing a lot of ATCs and other goodies. I've sent two packages to my Secret Faery in London and had fun putting both together. I'm quite intimidated by her, a REAL arteest and a LONDONITE, to boot! How green with envy can I be? hehe. I'm sure she thinks I'm a total loon. I've been all Halloweeny in her goodies. I spent Halloween in London and the outskirts several years ago. We had friends there and the kids were going to The American School not too far outside London. The kid and I took the train out to meet up with them and ended up at the school doing a "Trunk & Treat." All the cars were decorated and the children went from car to car Trick or Treating. It was a total blast, but most of all, it was wonderful to see my friend "Leenda." The English celebrate Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night on November 5. Just a tad different that our unusual Halloween. At any rate, I thought my Faery might like some American goodies that we use to celebrate Halloween. You know how crazy we are here. Gee, I think Halloween is almost as big as Christmas! Whaa? I'm dying to get my pumpkins and gourds and mums and corn stalks and everything else loony that I do; but with us leaving next week for a bit, I'll put that off 'til our return. (I can't wait to tell you the trip that's brewing . . . get it . . . brewing??? ha)

Sweet Beth invited me to become a member of an ATC group. How fun. Now, I really need to start working on these suckers! I did six today. I went out this morning to get some supplies and got home and had lost my Kate Spade glasses. These are my {fairly} NEW, prescription, BIFOCAL, KATE SPADE glasses! Now how I lost them, I have no idea. I went to two art stores. I think I was wearing them for the first stop. Then I think I switched over to my old glasses that I have clip on sunglasses with, once I got back in the car. Then off to the second store. I always throw them on the passenger seat when I switch, but they are nowhere. Very strange. If I didn't know better, I would say crazy woman was back in town! I'm also missing my chapstick that I JUST put by the computer! Very strange, indeed. (She would take my things and mail them to various people.) What wonderful memories (NOT) that brings back from last year this time. Geesh. How naive I was.

Speaking of which (or witch), a couple of weeks ago when I went to Target, I saw her daughter. And you know what that means? They are still here. I heard, from sources up North and a copy of the Washington Post, that the son was arrested (down here and then extradited back to VA) because he had bought minors liquor and a teenage girl had died in a car accident because of it. Lord have mercy. After I heard that, I felt reassured that they had all gone back to Virginia. But, of course, not. The daughter is here, apparently. My saving grace is that crazy woman can hardly stand her. So, listen to this. I walk into Target and I'm pushing a buggy. I looked straight ahead only to see her coming my direction to a check out lane--her three daughters (by three different men . . . heh hum--no wonder crazy woman can't stand her!) I just about fainted. I think I lost all color in my face. I stared at her but kept walking. She had a grin on her face, but she never met my eyes; so I don't know if she saw me or not. From the grin, I think she did, but I don't know--probably paranoia on my part. Ok, so I go about my biz. I was in there probably about 15 more minutes and then checked out. I got to my car, I looked it over as I wouldn't put anything by that trash. I got in and pulled out. Damned if I didn't pull right behind HER truck! And damned if it didn't have a TN license plate from JULY! I know her brother was arrested in June. I followed her all the way to the interstate and I made sure to write her liscense plate number down in case of any disturbance. God wanted me to be behind her for some reason, I'm sure. Maybe she saw me, maybe she didn't. But in any case, I now have her number if anything strange comes up. Isn't it a shame I have to think like this? I never, in my entire life, had to fear anyone. Not since crazy woman attacked me with a hunting knife November 15, 2005 in my own house. Now, everything has changed. Perhaps all this is why I've been in a funk. Good reason, huh. Maybe now that it's in writing, I can let it go and move on. Let's hope.

We just had a wonderful thunder storm. At first, I thought someone was taking a pic outside. Nope, lightening! Funny for fall. Guess we are in the "Souf." Gotta go check on the babies--probably wet from head to tail by now! Have a glorious Sunday! The hub leaves tomorrow for London (boohiss). Of course, I gave him an item to get from Harvey Nichols that you can't get here. They had the best hair comb that fits my thick hair just right! Poor guy. "Excuse me, where are your Cherry Chau hairpins?" hehe The things he does for me. sigh.


miss*R said...

the secret fairy thing is such fun! I have sent one package off and am playing with the 2nd one tonight!
emailing you now xoxo

Sue said...

Loved the picture of the sunset from your kitchen. We're having the lovely sunsets here as well..

Shell said...

I have to ask what an ATC is? Love your artistic touches. I've been busy making my Christmas cards! I'm not sure how they will turn out yet. :)


FarmgirlCyn said...

Geez you have an interesting life, or what??? Beautiful sunset, sweet pots on the windowsill!

PG said...

That sounds too disturbing for words! Poor you, I'm not surprised you were agitated. Brrrrr.

We are getting more keyed up about Hallowe'en over here, though we have a long way to go before we get to your standards! I'm not keen on Bonfire night, Guy Fawkes was executed quite brutally and I don't like guys, and the fireworks freak the cats out...little Miss Joyous. me!

slap me happy said...

I think that school is called High Wickem (or sounds like), have been there many many years ago but remember the kids going there, (American naval base in our town). all fo my best buddies eventually went down there for high school.;)

Sammie said...

Oh no! And, I'm not there to watch out for her truck! You must have been so scared.

Have a wonderful trip. Can't wait until you return and tell us all about it. Hi to "the kid" for me. I miss him.



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