Tuesday, September 26, 2006


The teenager and I are at each other's throats again. One day, we're good, the next, we're ready to choke each other.

He's actually been pretty good since he bought his car. Been pretty responsible. You know, the usual learning curves that I've told you about; but overall, pretty good.

Until this week. The kids have Fall Break coming up. I haven't said anything, but the hub, kid and I are heading back to Europe. I'll tell you more later on that little tidbit. The teenager is staying here with my mom. We've been having the discussion on the rules while we are gone.

Tonight he comes home and says that he has told his work that he can't work the entire break. Excuse me? Where did this come from? (I actually said that to him.) At which time he proceeds to tell me that I told him to take off. Excuse me? I would never have told him that or even imply that he take off. I would much rather him be working than running around. He starts yelling at me. He keeps yelling at me after I tell him to march his butt right back in and get some hours in while we're gone. Of course, as he continues yelling at me, I proceed to ground him on weekend evenings. He's not to go out at night on the weekends. Done. Guess that was coming. Probably a good thing he was yelling at me because I needed an excuse to keep him in anyway. (He's so easy.) The rate we've been battling over the last few days, he'll be lucky if he sees anyone while we're gone. Little brat.

We had a really good fight Saturday night. Remember, it was raining here and storming; and we have some pretty remote roads out where we live. The teenager calls after he leaves work (about 9:30 p.m.) and says he's going to a friend's house "for a minute." Well, No. 1, if you go to a friend's house for a minute, it's a minute of no good. (Hey, I was young, once.) No. 2, the roads were bad and he's still new to driving in the rain, so I told him to come home. Boy, was he P.O'd. He did though. He was home within five minutes--stereo cranked up so it would get me mad, slamming his door so it would get me mad. Then, you wanna know how he "tries" to get back at me? He comes in and starts cooking pasta--red sauce and pasta--at 10:00 at night. He knows I hate the smell of it cooking that late, but I just ignored him. I was up anyway--no worries. Not a prob. I was doing some artwork and I just hummed along like there wasn't a care in the world. I know it just burned him up. I could tell, he was just trying to think of something to get at me. He goes over and turns on some "gang" TV show to try and urk me. To no avail. I just keep on humming along my merry little way. Brat.

He had to work on Sunday. Still mad. Around 2 p.m. I get a phone call. It's the father of the kid who was having a party last night. The PARTY that the teenager was on his way to. The father proceeds to tell me that I had made the right decision by not allowing him to go. For once, I made the right decision. Do you know how good that feels as a parent? We don't' always make the right decision; so when we do, it's sweet! OH yea. The father tells me there was drinking and other stuff going on and that it was unsupervised. Of course it was. Now get this. Not ten minutes later, the teenager comes in for his lunch break. Big grin. "Did anyone call you?" hehe. He proceeds to tell me that the father called every parent of kids that had attended the "party." The teenager had apparently called the kid who had the party (to see how it went, I'm sure) and the father, on the sly, answered his son's cell phone! Too funny! The teenager hung up. But the father called him back. He then asked for our phone number probably not believing that the teenager wasn't there. This is what the teenager is telling me. Then he reaches over and kisses me on the cheek. "Thanks mom." You could have scraped me up off the floor. It's not very often you get a thank you from him. Brat.

But, now we're back at duking it out. Tomorrow is another day, right? Let's see who wins the next round. Ding ding ding!


raph. said...

You both are too funny! ;-)
Are you coming in France? :-)

See ya!

Janet said...

Boy, did this bring back some memories! My son was such a fantastic manipulator. There were times I didn't even know what was happening! Sounds as if your guy has his feet on the ground most of the time though.

Sue said...

Can't say I miss those teenage days even one bit!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That story is ever so comical (from the outside, of course)!...

I just wanted to let you know that I have tagged you for the following meme "The Foodblogger's Guide To The World". For more information, please visit my blog...

I'd be very happy if you could possibly do it!

Kind Regards,


Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

ah the ole teenage push/pull...they push you and YOU pull your hair out! At the end of the day though I think he realizes you ARE a good mom!! XOXO

wait, you're going to Europe? when? where?

Linda said...

Like the other poster said, "Are you coming to France?" Let me know. However, if it is in November I won't be there.
My son, the Tom Sawyer of his time, could talk me out of my last dime and I would know he was doing it. He can sure make me laugh, though. Won't tell you all we went through with him.

Tammy said...

I'm with Sue...I don't miss the teen-age days!!
Sounds like you are doing a good job though!!

AnnieElf said...

Oh the memories. I don't miss those days ONE BIT but I sure am glad I experienced them. You've got a great kid if he can acknowledge you were right. No worries for you in the long run.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Glad those years are over! Hold tight for now :) Can`t wait to hear more about your trip to Europe you lucky girl!!!


PEA said...

Gosh I don't envy you at all..it's enough I remember those rebellious years when my boys were that age! They weren't bad kids and never got in trouble but they certainly loved to see how far they could push me. It certainly ticks them off when they're trying to peeve you off and you just ignore it! LOL Hugs xox

paris parfait said...

You are hilarious! And so is your son. Thank goodness those teenage days are over for my daughter. I´ll do that meme when I get home. You won´t believe the misadventures so far, just trying to get into my B&B that was booked back in June. Will post about it. So much for fall - of course it´s warm and sunny here. I brought all the wrong clothes. Sigh. Must go shopping!

Beth said...

Bless your heart,,teen-age years,,my son is 21 and we still have fights,,he has been making some very dumb choices lately and its breaking my heart!! Your son sounds like a good boy,,,he will try things like most teen-agers,,but he's been raised right,,so that is what he will remember.



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