Saturday, September 16, 2006

Love Letters

Today, I received sweet packages from the nicest people. I love packages, especially from nice people.

I got my Beanie Baby from Peggy's auction that Pea had donated. It is soooo cute. Dearie me, I remember hunting Beanies like there was no tomorrow! The teenager loved them. If I would go overseas, I would always bring back ones we couldn't get here--at a price, mind you. What a craze!! When I showed him the one from Pea, he was excited. . . the teenager . . . excited! hehe He seemed kinda mad that I had boxed all of ours up and put them in the basement! (He did, however, have no time for my PJ photo shoot!) Do you think they will be fun for our grandkids? I sure hope so! The money I sunk into those things. But what fun. You know, the hunt. Anyway, we did NOT have the soccer one! Yahoo. Thanks Pea!! She also sent the sweetest little note in with him. That Pea, she's such a sweetie!

And then, out of the blue came a package from Connie! Talk about another sweetie. She just sent me a little package of love containing a llittle note, some tea, some nice smelling candles and a chocolate creme brulee mix! Yummo! Now, isn't that kind? I've already burned one candle, which smells so good. Tomorrow, I'll have some of the Morning Tea. It has been a joy getting to know Connie through ms*robyn's swaps and beyond.

I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful spirits online. It's nice to see one another every day and see what each person has been up to, how they are feeling, how their family is doing and just stopping in to say "hi." Little did I know when I started blogging for the boys, it would turn out to be such a social event. I love it! Thank you all, so very much, just for being you and sharing it with us all. (And a special thank you, of course, to Pea and Connie! xoxo)


Connie and Rob said...

The pleasure has been all mine my dear friend. So glad that we have been able to remain friends after our swap.

Take care,

Shell said...

Ah..Beanies! I have a whole box of them under my bed. The hunt was too fun. Much more fun than it was for Cabbage Patch kids...because there were certain ones we had to have. We'd get "the word" from a friend of ours who worked in a floral gift shoppe, that a shipment was in. We'd rush down to get those special ones with the emblem on them. The Princess Bear, Peace Bear, Etc. What fun. And they didn't cost an arm and a leg.

wabyngna some new Italian food?

Sue said...

Arent' those just two of the nicest,
sweetest bloggers around?
I never got into the beanie baby thing, but my daughter had tons of them!

Motherkitty said...

Don't we all have tons of Beanies? Who will we give them to one of these days? Everybody and his brother has them. So much for collectibles.

Loved the gift swaps. Looks like a really cute idea.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

PEA said...

I'm so glad the beanie finally arrived...I think it went around the world a couple of times first! lol Gosh, I have tons of beanies (all the bear ones) and they are all displayed on shelves in my computer room...I've had to stop buying them, though, cuz I have no more room!! I still buy the Christmas ones though:-) I must get into those "swaps", it's something I think I would really enjoy and having penpals, I've always loved sending and receiving things:-) I, too, am amazed at the special friendships I've made through blogging...I don't know what I ever did without all of you before! I finally got my Barbie out again from the storage box downstairs and as soon as I have more time will do my little fashion show! Had to watch yours again! lol Hugs xoxo

Tammy said...

I came over here to see the Barbies and I see dear Connie has been good to you too!!
Tomorrow I will post what she sent me!!

miss*R said...

i have had one heck of a time trying to comment! at last, it seems I can. Have just read the past few posts - love your chinese/tibetan bells and the crewel work. I would have had to have it too! Autumn looks gorgeous where you live ~ and I am so glad that you have made some lovely friends through the swaps - that is why I organize them ! enjoy your beanie !!

weirdbunny said...

The grand kids will adore the beenies. In fact my daughter always asks why I didn't keep my dolls. The truth is when my mum went into the attic to find them all box was broken and all fibre glass particles were in there so they had to be thrown away!



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