Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It's a Beautiful Day

Yesterday was gorgeous, again. The sky was brilliant; and both the kid and I captured it on our camera. I had all the doors and windows slung open (built-in vacuum), the kitties were chasing the dust bunnies flying out the door and the chimes were chiming in the breeze. Does life get much better?

Since Mother Earth's arrival at our little abode, I have suddenly been bit by the Autumn bug--thank you Lisa!! Slowly but surely, I'm putting the summer items away and making room for my favorite-time-of-year debris--leaves, guards, etc. Mother Earth has found a new place to reside and I'll show you that on Friday in my Friday's Favorite Corner (spot). She is keeping a close eye on us seeing how we do things around here. I hope she is pleased. Don't want to mess around with Mother Earth!

It is definitely cooler than yesterday; and I keep sending mom back downstairs to change into something warmer before we head out to lunch. I'm sure I will eventually have to go down and find her a long-sleeved shirt, but for now, I want her to try and find it. I find myself doing a lot for her without even letting her try and it shows. She's becoming more dependent on me (which is fine), but I do want her to try and not lose all train of thought in little tasks such as this. It's crazy. All summer, she is freezing and dresses like it's winter; but as soon as it turns cold, she doesn't transform to putting her warmer clothes on. She's probably finally removed her long johns (that she wears all summer under her pants!) now that it's getting cooler. Can't figure it out, poor thing. (Yes, I finally did go down and get her a turtle neck, a pair of jeans, a jacket and some closed-toe shoes--and yes, she did have her long john's on still.)

As for me, I'm a total jeans girl. And, I have been out of jeans for about two weeks now. I threw my last pair away after getting holes in them (chunky legs rub holes in the thighs--TMI, I'm sure!). I refuse to pay full price for jeans, over $60, so I normally go to thrift stores and such. These other pants I've been wearing really throw me off. They are totally not "me" and I feel like a geek in them. I have even worn a pair of white jeans (EEEEEK)--it's after Labor Day, Lord forbid! I must get out and find a pair. I am in love with Tommy jeans that fit me well. When you're overweight, it's hard to find a pair of jeans that fit somewhat good. I'm over trying to look "great," but I'll settle for just "ok" these days!

Well, I think blogger may just be working now, so I should try and get this posted while it is and before I add too much more. Kind of sporadic subjects, here and there, but I guess that's how I normally write anyway!

Oh, Oh Oh, here is a listing of Barbie fashion shows!! The latest is Kansas Rose's. Wait til you see these gals down (twins!!!) on the farm. Lovely, indeed! Keep me posted if any more are having Fashion Week! (Another oh, and BTW--I received a Blog of the Day award for my Barbie Fashion Show! Can you believe it? I certainly can't, pinch me. How fun is that!! If you click on my award, it will take you to this fun site!)

Kansas Rose

Oh well, will have to wait. Blooger (think I'll start calling it that) is sleeping, AGAIN!!

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paris parfait said...

Congrats on your Blog of the Day award! As for jeans, I have difficulty finding ones that fit well. For a while, Liz Claiborne did the trick, but hard to find those here. But honey, white jeans after Labor Day! Tsk, tsk. :) I'm wearing a lot of jeans skirts these days, when the weather is unpredictable (warm one day, cool the next - no doubt it will be warm in Seville).



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