Thursday, September 21, 2006

Red & Aqua Swap Received

I was wondering what I was going to blog about when I received a "love letter" (package). Look at what Ms. Wren's Nest sent me for the Red & Aqua swap through! I was so excited to get a package from her because I have peeked at her blog, and what lovely things she does. Before I go any further, please take a moment to send good thoughts her way as her hub is in the hospital. I can't even imagine what she is going through; I've been fortunate in that department. It's always me in the hospital, not the hub. At any rate, I'm sending lots of prayers her way.

This is what I found when I opened the pretty tissue paper. You know presentation is everything; and I just squealed when I saw all the red and aqua. As I began to dig into the beautiful pile, I first found this cute card with the chirping bird and a sweet note on the back. Striped notecards were just beneath, tied in a pretty red polka-dot ribbon.

And then there was a little red and white old vintage tin holding jelly beans (guess what color), some lovely ribbons and two delicious smelling votives. (I'm already burning the aqua one!!)

As if that wasn't enough, under the tin were beautiful fabrics--flannels, cottons, all lovely on their own, but together--sigh. I think some sewing will be in order!!

After I squealed through the entire package, I--of course--started decorating with all my goodies!! I thought I would just go over to where my three R's are (since they are shades of green) and just go to town. Look how fun it all looks. I still have my computer downstairs and now this is what I'm sitting right next to.

Thank you so very much Ms. Wren!! This was such a fun swap. I am so thrilled with all my red and aqua bits and pieces! Oh, and, the jelly beans truly hit the spot as soon as they arrived!!! Hope the hub is well and home soon!!!

And then it was time for tea . . . .


Tammy said...

what a beautiful package...I've never done a swap and don't know exactly how it is done...but it looks like an awful lot of fun!!

FarmgirlCyn said...

Aqua is one of my new favorite colors...and aqua and red?? How sweet is that?

Connie and Rob said...

Your swap partner just did a beautiful job. I love how creative she got with the colors. Your pictures made a lovely post!

Take care,

Daisy Lupin said...

Nothing gets the day off to a better start than receiving a surprise parcel does it? That one was full of lovely goodies. That stew looks pretty good too, must have a go at it.

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

I can see why you squealed....what a delightful box of goodies you received. I truly adore the idea of swaps based on colors..I would like to participate in one of those one day. Getting parcels in the mail is the best isn't it?

PG said...

Gorgeous parcel, how wonderful...I'm inspired!

PEA said...

What a delightful package you received and I have no doubt you were thrilled with everything:-) Rosa, can anyone start a swap? I was thinking I would love to do a Halloween one?? Hugs xoxo

kansasrose said...

What a beautiful package, and the goodies are so sweet. Aren't these swaps just loads of fun?



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