Monday, September 04, 2006

Sweets from the Sweet

The hub was in NYC last week and then went up to the Catskills to visit his parents. On his way home, he stopped off in Hoboken--like a good hub--and bought my fav Italian cookies. I was so surprised when he came in and gave us the box of goodies.

Carlo's is a wonderful Italian bakery that has been in Hoboken forever. The hub used to have a condo there when we first met (when Hoboken was still in a very "transitional" stage--to say the least). Of course, that's when I found the bakery. Hey, there are just some things a girl looks for--good stores and good food.

Each time we're in the area, I always get a box of delicacies to take on our journey either upstate or back home. Of course, they never last long enough to make it to our destination. These cookies are soooo good. In the winter months, I've also been known to get some of their pastries and bring back. They are even better than the cookies. Their canoli's are to die for.

So, enjoy the little collage of goodies I did for you. I think the real ones are just about all gone; but now we have these to enjoy any time we have a sweet tooth.



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