Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da

An Autumn Sunset

Life goes on. I started this post yesterday afternoon. I was feeling a little "verklempt." You know, kinda emotional, anxious, for no real reason. Guess that black cow was passing overhead. Sure glad he just passed by quite quickly. I wrote the title and then moved away from the computer and started doing some artwork. I guess I didn't want to express into words my frame of mind at that moment. I'm glad I didn't because I did some pretty fun ATCs for Halloween. I always get like this before I do any overseas travel. I just have a few moments of anxiousness of what "could" happen. It doesn't last long; and of course, once I hit the day of travel, there is not a moment of fear.

This is the highlight of Abby's day yesterday. "A fly went by." She could have caught it at any given moment but instead waited for it to fly so she could leap up and try to catch it.

You try and figure out why cats do what they do. Go ahead, try.

The teenager comes home the other night and I notice his sweatpants are turned inside out. I ask "Is this some kind of gangwear?" He proceeds to tell us that they have been playing tricks on the Freshman. Since his sweatpants have his old football number on them, he decided to turn them inside out (so not to give his identity away) and I was told that they all masked their faces. Lovely. Our teenager, the thug. It's homecoming week; and all the kids have been making their floats--Freshman, Sophomores, etc. Of course, the Juniors and Seniors have been playing tricks on the Freshman all week--in school and out. Poor guys. The teenager has been having "night maneuvers" every night this week. They (the juniors and seniors) have been bombarding the float makers with water balloons each night. I would have thought by now, the Freshmen would have caught on and found out who was doing the bombardments. I tell you, I would have been laying low in some car parked on the street just waiting to see where the water balloons were originating. Ya betta believe it, I would!

Today, my sister-in-law, Ellen, was in town (the food-snob's wife) for business, so her, my mom and I went and had lunch at the little lady (as I call it) establishment The Puffy Muffin. She has business meetings through tomorrow, so I probably won't see her again until they all come down for a week at Thanksgiving. It's always nice to see family.

When I returned home, I found more love letters in the box. First, I opened a little envelope from our fellow blogger and my localite Beth. We had set up an ATC swap. My first one!! How fun. Not only did she send her three swaps but added a lagniappe. Look at the little extras she threw in. How sweet is that? Very sweet! Thank you Beth! Look at how wonderful her ATCs are. Our theme was "children." I especially fell in love with the
one on the right. There is a familiarity in her sweet little face. I forgot, of course, to take pictures of the ones I sent her. Duh. I always get so excited about getting things into the mail, I forget to take pictures of the things I make. Oh well. I was able to fill a page with her three. The other six I had purchased off Ebay.

Then there was another little Love Letter from my Matchbox Scene Swap from Swap-Bot. My "partner" never sent mine (pout), so one of the other partners made an extra one and sent it to me. Look at this tiny little Eden scene! Isn't it the cutest! I'm going to have to send her a little something special too. How nice was that? Pretty nice.

Okay, it has taken two days to post this post. Gee. My mind in is a million different places recently. Oh well. Press Publish Post NOW!!


Shell said...

What a great sunset! It almost looks like the "mother ship" headed your way! Duck!

I identify with the emotions. I'm like an emotional basket case this week. I need that card from Mary Engelbreit that says.."Snap Out of It!"

I'm going to the post office this go stand by your mailbox.


AnnieElf said...

Hi Rosa,

Love the cat pix. Typical kitty. LOL. Say hi to Beth for me. Have you met her mom, Lottie, yet? She's a sweetie. I like that foodblogger image. Off exploring I will go.


Janet said...

That is an amazing sunset photo! And please don't ask me to figure out LuLu does the same thing with flies. It must just be for the entertainment!

Beth is such a sweetie, and I love her artwork. You had a couple of very nice days what with all the goodies in your mail.

Sue said...

Loved your sunset photo! Cats and flies are always good for a few fun pics too!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Cats are funny things! Abby looks like my Clover and your son looks really got up LOL
That pic of miss Bev doing yoga is hilarious. And after reading about all that food you`ve made me hungry!


Tammy said...

I loved the autumn sunset picture...very pretty...I've never been on a plane so I cannot imagine the nerves I would feel if going overseas!!

cityfarmer said...

That's sounds like me today...just a blah feeling when it came to blogging!!!
Have a nice weekend

Beth said...

So happy you liked the ATCS,,I put yours on my blog today. Go to it click on them and then right click and save them to your computer,,then you will have pics of yours,,,I love that cute matchbox,,I want to do a matchbox swap,,sounds fun! Have a great week-end!

Peggy said...

have a great trip and take lots of photos. You know you are my vacation as I travel thru your posts and pics and its like I was right there with you. Have a great weekend!

PEA said...

What a breathtaking picture of the sunset...WOW!! Yup, I can relate to those kind of days when you just don't feel yourself...good to get busy and let the feeling go away on its own! I had to laugh at your cat watching the fly...when I was at Shawn's place, their 3 cats were just sitting there looking up at the fridge...I thought they were hungry but then I realized they were watching a fly that was on the fridge door a bit beyond their reach! lol Hugs xox

Daisy Lupin said...

We will never as humans, understand the minds of cats, they are totally alien to ours, probably in the future we will find out that they really rule the universe lol! Bethie does make beautiful ATC's. How difficult a tiny matchbox scene must be to create, but cute.

Jungle Jane said...

Rosa, I saw your name on Vicci and Beths your art.

Jungle Jane said...

Hi it's Jane again.
Daisy, Vicci and Beth all belong to the same mail art group with me. If you'd like to join, Hers's the link.

Connie and Rob said...

Hope you are feeling better...
You received such a lovely gift. I love your postcards. Some day I am going to give that a try.

Take care,

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

This sunset is absolutely gorgeous! I've never seen one like that!...

Abby is also very cute.

I love your gift; very pretty...



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