Thursday, September 14, 2006


Life is just a bowl of hairies.

Dave thinks that just because I put the bowl under the table in a chair, we can't see him nesting in there. Life is rough! He's trying to keep up with Motherkitty's kitty. Go take a look at Tiger Lily!

Both Rootie and Miss Bev went to the vets today. Roo dog has nails that belong in the World Record books. Every time I take her in, I think she must snap at them when they try to cut her nails because they always come out looking like nothing was done. Today, I made sure they cut as MUCH as they could--even if they had to muzzle the poor dog. Most of our floors are wood and I know it must hurt her walking on them as long as they've been. She also has a little rash on her tummy, which has just about healed; but I thought I better have the doc take a look at it. Guess what. Allergies. Geesh, between Miss Bev, Miss Rootie-Toot-Tootie and myself, we are keeping the medical profession going! Roo dog is now on antihystamines and some ear drops because her ears were all clogged up.

Miss Bev began scratching again, so I thought I better haul her in while I was there. They gave her another shot of steroids. I asked if she was going to have anger management probs and bulk up like the hulk; and the vet assured me that cats take steroids differently than us human folk. Thank goodness. I didn't want to wake up to Miss Bev in my face with her claws out insisting to be let out or some other demand. I also had to get more Duck and Pea food--such a life.

I won't even tell you how much this vet visit ran me! Geesh Louise!


Motherkitty said...

Oh, Dave, you are too cute for words. That wooden bowl is just the right size for his round, fuzzy body to take a nap. Thanks, Rosa, for the link to my Tiger Lily post. Right now she's taken up residence on my bed lying on a pillow. Shall I start calling her the Princess (as in the Princess and the Pea) because she has to sleep on a pillow instead of the mattress like my other kitties?

I have a fat cat who has long nails like that. The last time husband and I tried to trim her nails she cried like a baby. I couldn't stand it so I finally gave up. I can catch a couple at a time before she freaks. The last time I took her to the vet and they cut her nails, two of them had to hold her down and she acted as if they were killing her. Oh well. No, I don't want to know how much you spent at the vet's because it would make us sick. They ought to invent health insurance for animals (or have they already?).

MJ said...

Poor little Roo dog and my beloved Miss Bev (oh how I miss them). Glad to hear that you took them in and that it was nothing serious. Isn't it amazing that these animals of ours tend to get the same ailments as we humans? I bet both Roo and Bev feel much better now that they got to the doc. And don't tell me about vet bills.....please....mine looked like the national debt when I came back from visiting you dear Rosa...but I have no regrets, as my darling Sammie is on the road to recovery and her brother Sunny is back to his ole self.
Give my love to Ms. Bev, Dave, Abbey, Roo and little Frankie; I miss them terribly.

FarmgirlCyn said...

Oh Rosa, Your kitty photos are so endearing! I know how it is with pet allergies...our Golden has them. His food is $$$$$ and he should NOT eat any table scraps. Right.

Sue said...

Poor Dave! I loved the picture of MK's
Tiger Lilly. I really love all cat pics and stories!!
I sympathize with you on the vet bill...

Linda said...

I found our cat on our dining room table-not in a dish, just on the table. He won't go near his bed anymore for some reason.

Connie and Rob said...

That is the cutest picture. Cats are just too funny.

Every time I take my pooches to the vet it goes up. I can't believe what I write my check for when I take one in...then we always have to go to Petsmart for a treat. I guess they are a little

Take care,

Janet said...

Dave looks so snuggly in that bowl! Sorry about all the vet bills. I can sure relate to them!! Hope the medications help.

paris parfait said...

Adorable photo - as for vet bills, they're as bad as humans' doctor visits!

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

what an adorable picture...that is exactly something our Miss Daisy Cat would do...and how I know the sticker shock of vet bills!!!
Your package is in the mail....woohoo!!!

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Ooohh! Love your blog! Thanks for visiting mine! I think your cats are wonderful...why DO they sleep in container-like objects? It's quite fun and funny!

PEA said...

Precious picture of Dave...oh to live the life of a cat!!! lol I don't have pets but I've heard how very expensive the vet bills can be...yikes! Still giggling of your fears of what Miss Bev would do while on steroids! hehe Hugs xox

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Oh Dave is so cute and cuddly and he looks so comfy!


Sammie said...

Oh, now I see the new use for the bowl. What a great pic!



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