Monday, September 18, 2006

A Rainy Afternoon with Mother Earth

Kinda blah today. A definite afternoon tea kind of day! Rain was in the forecast for today, so mom and I went out and had a breakfast sandwich early this morning instead of our usual lunch hour. She doesn't like to get out in the rain and I all wanted was to go back to sleep. Haven't slept too well for the past two nights.
The teenager's car is wearing thin on him. I have to hold my face tight as to not laugh. His back window went down for the last time on Sunday. When we had the car checked out when we first purchased it, the mechanic wanted over $900 to fix it. Almost as much as we paid for the car! I don't think so, Buster. Well, it took it's last breath (while it was down, of course); so we dropped it off at a local shop right down the street this morning. They called later and gave us a price of $500 to fix it. Um, think again Scooter. I told them to tape it, ghetto rig it as best they could. The teenager is in enough debt; more is not needed now. They did and it doesn't look to bad if I say so myself. Hey, I've seen worse! (I noticed the box over my back brake light has fallen off!) Must be the season, hehe.

When we came back from picking up the "Pimp My Ride, Please" car, I had a little package waiting for me on my kitchen table. Look at the cute little picture on front! How sweet! This was the item I had won on Peggy's auction from Lisa at Hand of Enchantment. Ladies and gents, please meet Mother Earth. Is she not the loveliest? Look at the detail. Ever her backside is as pretty as the front (isn't she a lucky lady!). I think she will finally get me motivated to move into Autumn mode. I have her sitting under my stained glass lamp, the colors are just beautiful. She's kind of mixed in with the green from my plants as she gets accustomed to her new surroundings. I am so excited to have her and very fortunate to have had the winning bid.

Look at the detail. Ever her backside is as pretty as the front (isn't she a lucky lady--not too many women can say that!). Of course, these photos don't even do her justice. What a beautiful work of art. Thank you, Lisa, for making my day. Even your blog cheered me up today!

The gals are beginning to show up with fashion shows of their Barbies. Go take a peek at Connie's. She has quite an array of dolls--lucky her. But the fav of the bunch is her Live Action, rock-star status Barbie complete with mic. I am digging those tassels baby! Then move on over to Pea's and sit through her fashion show. Just as impressive, I must say!!! Pea dressed her Barbie in some of her outfits. Oh my. What an array. She has fur coats, pajamas and some pretty fab clothes to get herself lookin' fine. Pea said her son wondered about her too while she was setting up the fashion shoot! hehe. No guys, we're doing ok. Guess we're going through our mid-life crisis regressing to our childhood, eh? Hold on a second while I smack myself now!

Here's the kid's science project on cells. Too cute.

Oh, and I finally got the chocolate swap off to Maggii and my Red & Aqua swap off to Portugal. I've already finished my three "black cat" ATCs for my next swap. Hmmm, maybe it's time to clean the house! Another cup of tea, and no problem. I'll get right on that . . . NOT!


miss*R said...

you and me both - not sleeping - it is sending me mental.
I love the mother earth doll !

Connie and Rob said...

Really fun remembering about all our Barbies together.

Please have some more tea...if not then I will fee compelled to

Take care,

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I hope that you are feeling better now...
The Mother Earth doll looks cute and I love the view you have from your balcony!

paris parfait said...

The Mother Earth doll is so lovely - and I like it among the plants. I think we're all going through our midlife crisis regressing to our childhood - this is why we like things that remind us of that time. But Barbie is a classic - you should see the collection they have at Christies in South Kensington in London. Just astonishing.

Tammy said...

I think I'll have a cup of that tea...I love the mod mug you have it in and a cinnimon stick no less...I'm really getting into the tea thing...went up to a local store yesterday and admired all the delicate little cups and saucers...I'm not the delicate type though I would like to have one just for show one day...I really like yours and am scouting out different variety of mugs as I am tea'!!
I loved the Barbie slide shows!!! I've seen all three and they are all extra "fab"!!!

cityfarmer said...

Tea sounds good's 50 degrees here...Brrrrr.

I have an old Barbie but it's in the abyss of my basement have you been?

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

not sleeping - check
don't feel like cleaning - check
need a moment of calm - check
you overcame P.O.P. by getting your parcels off - check
Feel it, think it, don't want to do it - check

The mid-life crisis thing is definitely running rampant and I for one embrace thinking back on the happy carefree times playing Barbie, making her clothes, setting up the apartment I'd make her. glad we can all share in this.

and last but not least, I am so happy you are pleased and ME has a special place.

PG said...

My word, Yorkshire tea travels far and wide! It took me five days to get our tiny place clean, so you hvae been warned..pur some more tea and forget about it! Mother Earth is so cute!

Kristen said...

Oh, problems. I've had my share of those....I've posted about them on my blog.

It's been a little overcast here, lately, too. I think it's turning into fall.

Thanks for commenting on my blog for my 125th post anniversary! I reached my goal of 125 comments! :-) I hope you'll come visit me again sometime!

judie said...

Mizz Rosa, I LOVE that cup. It's too gorgeous..wherever did you find it?

The Mother Earth doll looks wonderful under your plants. I love her and I wanted her so bad, but I didn't think I could bid on her and the blue book had already busted my budget!!!

I love the way you call your dh "The Hub" and your son "The Teenager". I think "The Mother" and "The Wife" is just too funny!!!

PEA said...

No wonder I come back every day to your are so much fun to read and I love the way you write:-) Poor car...your son will always look back at his "first car" with fond memories but I know that right now he's thinking it's a piece of junk! lol Ahhh memories of my first car! hehe Your Mother Earth is gorgeous!! I almost bid on her but then figured you realllly wanted her, so let you have it....believe all that??? LOL Happy you won it though:-) I still laugh every time I think of my son walking in on me with my Barbie...the look on his face was priceless!! I want to start taking part in these swaps...please give me a heads up when someone puts one on? Thanks:-) Hugs xoxo

It's me, T.J. said...

You have a very nice blog here.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind comments!

Sue said...

We're still drinking ice tea here. Very warm days!
Too bad about your son's car. Everything is so pricey these days...

Beth said...

Don't cha just love this weather right now though? Hey,,I want to swap some ATCs with you,,that would be fun!! Love the kids science project. And tell the teen that cars that are pimped are the best!! Have a good one Rosy!

Daisy Lupin said...

NO me neither, I am not sleeping well these past few nights, must be catching, or the time of year. See you have some yorkshire tea, my husband loves that brand of tea. Love the Barbies, have been to see Pea's fashion show. Also love the doll that Lisa made.

Linda said...

We have a beautiful car, an Audi that is starting to look pretty bad. I scraped the bumper when I got caught in the really narrow street of a village, and my husband did the same thing on the other side. He ran into a wall at our house when he got distracted and there is a big scrape on the front bumper, which came off when it got caught on a high curb. I put a big hole in an area by the back tire by running into another curb. Yep, it's not looking good, but it costs so much to fix that we haven't repaired anything. I guess we will wait for a really major crunch before we get it all repaired. (Glad I finally made it to your blog--sometimes it just won't open for me.)



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