Saturday, September 16, 2006

Photo Shoot

Well, it happened. PJ came out of retirement just for us. And yes, I do think she has been to more than one Botox Party. She's looking pretty good for a lady in her, um, 40s? Most of her clothes still fit, the coulots a little tight in the chest area and her fuchsia panty hose a little lower than us women prefer for comfort. But, overall, I think she's doing pretty well!

I admit, I felt sorry for the broad and had to go out and do a little shoe shopping for her. She didn't have a pair to be found. She was pretty happy with the selection. Gee, are the 60s and 70s fashions back or what (even for Barbies!)? The boots and platforms fit right in with her other "metallic" outfits. I can see now why I liked PJ so much, fuchsia is my favorite color. And of course, she was probably the only one at the time with brown eyes. All of the fuscia outfits are vintage. The blue pants are not. Oh well. What's a girl to do. Guess she never wore pants way back when.

PJ made a special trip to Ft. Campbell to let the troops know how much we all appreciate their sacrifices. I think she got a little sweet on the biker dude. (I did notice on her upper thigh a tattoo has been removed--naughty naughty.) She got a little wild towards the end and I had to cover her rear-end up with a jacket. She had already lost a pair of shoes! Geesh, PJ. Show a little decorum! (I was heard more than once saying "Hey soldier! Watch where those hands are!" It didn't seem to bother PJ--I guess if you're locked in a box for 30 years, you wouldn't, hehe.) I should have said something to her. I think her hands are a little too close on the biker guy when she was sitting behind him. Just look at his face!

Ok ladies, don't forget to let me know to link to you if you have a fashion show to visit!!

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