Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday's Favorite Corner

This is one corner of our dining room. It's done in Art Deco mixed with Chinese decor. I told you I mixed and matched!!

The hub and I bought the English armoire while we were courting and on a real Art Deco kick. He got this piece for his apartment. When we were married and we moved into our 19th century Georgetown flat, it only had one tiny closet which we used to hide Spot's (our cat) litter box. This piece was our only other place to hang clothes. When I think back, I guess we weren't clothes hogs then, as we shared it! hmmmm. Anyhow, we picked it up at a bargain price at a Capitol Hill showing of a shipment of antiques that had just arrived from England. It still had both handles (one has broken off since in one of our many moves). I believe the ivory key hole has been broken since we bought it. No biggy in this house. We don't have "fine" antiques anywhere--just well loved ones.

I've used this piece for my table linens since we moved from Georgetown, always having ample closet space for clothes from then on. As you can see, this is one of my weaknesses--grin.

On top is a Chinese bell system. I'm not sure if it's Tibetan or not. I don't even know if it's authentic, I doubt it is. I just liked it and had to have it. Behind it is a vintage piece of Chinese crewel work that I purchased off Ebay when we first moved to Nashville and I was "decorating" in my mind for our new house--to come several years later!! It is a beautiful piece done on silk. I can tell you that I paid more for the framing than I did for the piece itself.

Today, I've been putting my chocolate swap together that Ms*Robyn started. I wanted to wait a bit for it to cool down. I think it has. I hope it has!! I'm still waiting until Monday to get it off because it's supposed to warm up this weekend!! Grrrrrrr.


Tammy said...

Some pretty things you have there dear Rosa!!

PEA said...

What a beautiful armoire and ohhhhh how I'd love to take a look at all your linen you have in there! I love linen too:-) I'm also fascinated with the Chinese bell system and the Chinese crewel...absolutely lovely!! Rosa, did you get the beanie yet?? Take care:-) Hugs xox

paris parfait said...

Gorgeous armoire and I love the bells and art. And I know what you mean about the framing costing more than the art! I shudder to think what the framing in our apartment has cost - many times more than the art for sure!



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