Sunday, October 01, 2006

Bless this Mess

Here's my kitchen table. Sunday, and it looks like this! I haven't put my supplies away for several days now. Guess I just want it out when I get a whim to work. I wish I had a nice sunny spot like this somewhere else besides right smack dab in the kitchen!

I'm still a mess too. Can't seem to concentrate on one thing at a time. Gonna have to have a talk with Mother Earth to get my bearings straight.

Went to Target again today to get some gift cards for the kid's birthday party he's going to (twins!). No sightings of any weird people, thank God! I forgot my purse at home. Duh. The hub ran it over to me since we were in a rush to get to the party. Nothing like waiting til the last minute to do things, right?

The kid found my glasses, under the seat, of course. I am so glad. I kinda like the look of my old glasses, but these are my current prescription and I want to be able to see everything in Europe!!

Here's the schedule: Fly into Amsterdam, meet the hub there. Then we're off, by car to Bremen, Germany and then Dusseldorf. The kid and I fly down to Zurich for a couple of days and the hub meets us there. Then, by train, we head to Geneva for a few more days. Then we fly off to Brussels for the weekend. Can I stand it? Nope. I've never been to the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium. Squeeeel!


Beth said...

Your such a lucky Rose,,I can only dream of going to such wonderful places! Hey,,you must join my Halloween ATC swap that was posted today on the group! I also sent you a link to another group that has over 100 ATC swaps in it.
Talk to you soon Rosie Posie!!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Can I come too?!!!! LOL! Sounds wonderful...especially Bremen which is where Carol at My Garden and Decorations lives. She posted last month a bunch of shops that she visits there and they look wonderful! I lived in Germany for 4 years as a little girl, but don't remember a lot about it. The photos my parents have are very pretty though. Be sure to look at all their wonderful Christmas things. My friend Tom visits Amsterdam for work and he likes it there very much. Tulips and blue and white Delft are what I think of there. Bicycles and the canal too.
I love the Halloween things you've made. It's my favorite holiday and I decorate alot for it too. Paper cones are fun to make aren't they? I made one for a Halloween gift last year and it was a big hit. I think all the ATC kinds of things you are making are terrific.
Hopefully you will get the computer situation solved soon. It's frustrating when they don't work well.
Take care!

PEA said...

Don't worry about the mess...there's always Monday to clean it up! lol At least it shows you've been in the crafty mood:-) Oh wow, you have such a wonderful trip to look forward to and we'll be waiting soooo impatiently to hear all about it!! Hugs xox

slap me happy said...

I have just come home to Australia via Amsterdam, schipole? airport vedry nice airport lots of good shops for gifts or just for the home to say where you've been, enjoy yourself ; )

MarkMcL said...

Lucky girl! Belgium is my favourite country of those. The national dish is "moules frites" (moule mariniere with french fries). Then there is the beer and the chocolate. Eating out is a national pastime in Belgium. And the bars are more like the nicer English pubs. Godiva is one of the better chain chocolatiers but try to get to a real hand made shop. It is fun to watch a man up to his elbows in chocolate hand-rolling the truffles in the crushed flakes. Leffe blonde is my favourite Belgian beer but you might want to try some of the fruit beers just for the curiosity value.
MarkMcL (aka Mr English)

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

oh my what a wonderful trip, to be jetting off to new adventures sounds like heaven. I can't wait to hear all about it when you return (including pics)!!
Ah the mess in your kitchen isn't REALLY a's creatively colorful with all your art waiting to unfold!!
btw, I can tell I would LOVE your home!!

PG said...

I was going to mention the Belgian beer...they have dozens and dozens of varieties, so you will have to sample some! I got hooked on chips and mayonnaise when I went there. You will have a lovely time!



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