Thursday, October 19, 2006

Goodies from Belgium

I'm finally feeling myself enough to share some of the goodies I brought back from Brussels. What a wonderful city full of history and great people. As soon as we rolled into town, it reminded me so much of Washington, DC, my home. The architecture, the avenues--it almost brought a tear to my eye. I knew right away I was going to enjoy it here. Once we got out to get our first cup of coffee/tea, I noticed all types of people. It wasn't only the "beautiful ones" of Zurich and Geneva, but more regular folk, like me. Yes, there were the lovely fashionistas dressed to the nines, but they were the minority here. It put me right at ease. Yes, I admit, at times I can feel out of place overseas, the typical American stereotype that I am--overweight and dressed in jeans, grin. But here I was, in a city with an abundance of shapes and sizes and quite laid back. It was the perfect place to end our wonderful trip.

After the hub and I had enough caffeine to get us moving, the hub started showing us around. We headed up to the first set of outdoor markets. We passed a shop that was in their "last days of business." I got this old hotel silver set for under 40 Euros! I can't decide if these handled pieces are strainers for tea or an old wine? Any suggestions? Regardless, I 'lurve' them. Had to have it. I also found this old Belgian candy tin, complete with lock! Now, that's my kind of candy box! hehe. They also
had old postcards, which I bought too.

We made it to the first, smaller, market; and it was mostly crafts. The kid bought a little bouncy cat and I some incense. We then moved over to the big daddy of outdoor markets. The hub said I had smoke coming out of my eyes. It was all too good to be true. My kind of stuff. Of course, there were lots of quite exquisite items--complete sets of antique sterling placesettings, oil paintings and the like--but mixed in were quite reasonably priced "stuff" (as the hub calls it) also. The old holy water vessel, above, was in a 1 Euro bin! After having my share of coffees and teas, all served with small demitasse spoons, I had to have a set. I found this set of six for 30 Euros! The 1913 Misal was 5 Euros and the old rosaries were 1 Euro each. I can't even imagine anywhere else in the world where you can not only have such items available in one spot, but also be able to afford them! Did I tell you smoke was coming out of my eyes? hehe. I was truly in my element here!

This old tin, perhaps someone can translate for me, was in the 1 Euro bin! Uhhuh. This antique piece of lace, complete with what feels like ivory beads was only 20E. I'm not sure, but it looks like a piece to cover a woman's head for Mass. Now, look at these sweet papers. I love the illustrator. Oh, and, of course, lots and lots of postcards. Everyone sold old postcards throughout Brussels.

I had previously told you about the old paper shop I found. A lot of the postcards and old maps and books, I purchased there--again from the 1 E box. Those are big there! Gotta love the 1 E box!


PEA said...

Oh my goodness, what wonderful treasures you found in Brussels!! It's no wonder you had smoke coming out of your eyes!! hehe I just love everything you bought and at such great prices too!! Can't find anything like that around here!! xox

lorna said...

Hi Rosa, Lorna here, your SOSF partner. Could you email me at so I can ask you a question about the parcel.

Thanks so much.


Tammy said...

I just loved seeing all the beautiful "stuff" you brought back.
Thanks ever so much for thinking of me while you were away and sending the beautiful is is now in my treasure box that you made me...I have the beautiful rosary hangin from my computer to my right side so I can look at it while blogging. the angel plays her lovely violin atop the computer desk and all of these gifts remind me of wonderful YOU!!

FarmgirlCyn said...

What beautiful finds! I love the tiny spoons, and have always been drawn to old postcards. What is a euro compared to american $?

Rosa said...

Note: A Euro equals a little over $1.25 American.

Motherkitty said...

Boy, you sure HAD smoke coming out of your eyes after seeing all these lovely finds! I, too, would have gone crazy and would want to buy EVERYTHING I saw. I especially loved the tin with the indecipherable saying on the back. Wish I could read it. Was it for some kind of food?

Thanks for your lovely comments on my post. It was great hearing from you. I have some more reading and catching up to do on your site. Your trip sounds absolutely fab. Hope you have a great day, and a great weekend enjoying all your prizes. Do you have a place to display these treasures?

Mrs. Staggs said...

It's absolutely beautiful, all of it! Those old tins and the lace, ephemera, treasures galore! You chose well!
I received ANOTHER surprise today my dear and I'm feeling overwhelmed and totally spoiled rotten and I'm all teared up and have to go get a tissue. I'll talk to you soon. Thank you!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Beautiful stuff you bought! That floral tin would match my kitchen LOL
And the lace and the rosaries and the silver, oh my. What fun you`ve had Rosa!
If we make it to England I know I`ll be dragging my hubby around car boots and antique shops at least a few times :)


Janet said...

I love everything you bought! But that lockable candy box is my favorite! I guess somebody was really thinking when they designed that!

Daisy Lupin said...

What fantastic postcards, to tell you the truth I have never thought much about Brussels before, I think it seems to be fogotten and people rush to Paris. MMMMmmm we can get Eurostar to Brussels. Thinks might be a nice spring trip.

Carol said...

Hi Rosa,

beautiful things that you have brought back from Europe!

Have you also bought something in Bremen or taken any pictures while you've spend your day here?

Fizzy said...

What lovely things you have brought back with you. I also went to Brussels about 8 years back. It was a lovely city. Love the lace and the chocolate. I ate mussels in brussels sat in a little cafe in the old part of town

Linda said...

Lovely things. I bet your credit card was smoking too! I need to get mine geared up for Christmas shopping.

paris parfait said...

I can see I need to visit my friends in Brussels and visit that flea market! What amazing finds! Lucky you!

PG said...

Golly, we might have to pop over for a little shopping trip next year, what wonderful finds! That flower tin is special.



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