Saturday, October 28, 2006

Goodies from All Over

Yesterday was a good day for great mail! I received a padded envelope and a box from overseas! Wooohoo!

The box was from my kind fairy in London (Society of Secret Fairies). Lorna is a most excellent artist and illustrator. Wow. I tell you, I ripped that thing open in a matter of seconds! hehe. Fairy Lorna sent me the most wonderful of items. She must know me. The first item I saw, was a box of chocolate cookies. (The hub found them when he came home and ate the whole box!! As if!!) I
then, gently unfolded this gorgeous map Lorna had illustrated of the Royal Kew Gardens. She must know I love all things British; so this is quite a treat for me. Thank you Lorna! I absolutely love her style. She also added some of her postcards with various illustration son them. They are already tacked up on my wall beside my computer. Love them! She snuck in several bottles of little English shampoos and conditioners and origami paper! This paper is so pretty and I can't wait to get my hands on it and use it. I've never "origamied" before, but I now must try! Even with my carpal tunnel, I will succeed!! Then there was a sweet little book. I can't wait to read it. Too funny. This is definitely "my" kind of read.

My favorite though was her strand of origami peace cranes. They are so small and amazing! I hung them over our kitchen table, which I would show you, but it is disasterized! All my supplies are all over! Here is a close up of them though. Lorna, thank you so very much. I adore EVERYTHING!!

My second parcel was an Halloween ATC swap. Check out what else Beth put in the package! She always adds goodies to enjoy. Thank you Bethy! I'm jammin' with my new pinkie ring! I love these!! Think I'll put the spider in the teenager's bed tonight! Mwaaaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa!

Now, take a look at these ATCs from different folks! How fun are they!
Am I spoiled or what? Yes, I am.


Sue said...

These are just delightful! I keep seeing the term ATC. What does that mean?

Mrs. Staggs said...

Dear Rosa you are my travel fairy!!
The way you spread kind thoughts and joy through the mail box sweetie....I'm so happy to see it come back to you!
Everything is just lovely, but oh those cranes, they're just beautiful!

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

OK we share a several things in common I know but can you imagine you and I in the same place getting "love parcels" at the same time? AND from Britian to boot(as I too LOVE all things British)??? I think all of bloggerland would know we'd had arrivals. heehee It's just so heartwarming and wonderful. she really sent you some very special things! My fairy partner and I are behind but our parcels will criss-cross very soon!
The ATCs are great as well! That Beth, what a doll she is!

You deserve all the love mail you can get sweet Rosa!

Beth said...

Lucky, lucky you!!! You are spoiled,,lol. Espiecally since you got to post yesterday. Blogger is rejecting my post that took me almost a hour to write. Seems like alot of folks are having the same issues according to the help group. ARGGGGG!
I love the box from your fairy,,so cool. And I knew that ring would look good on you,,lol.
Have a great sunday Rosie Posie!!!

paris parfait said...

I love the idea of a "disasterized" table. What a great word! And what lovely presents!

PEA said...

You deserve to be spoiled since you spoil us all the time too!! hehe Great mail to receive for the origami peace cranes and the ATC!!! Lovely! xox

lorna said...

I'm so pleased you liked them! :o)

tlc illustration said...

Terrific SOSF package. The cranes are so fun. Have fun origami-ing on your own!

PG said...

Ah, Lorna's lovely Kew Garden poster, you are indeed lucky! I am just catching up here, everytime I go away you post more lovely things!



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