Monday, October 23, 2006

Sweet Pea

Carole, the one and only Pea, sent me the sweetest Halloween Swap! My goodie bag had no end, it seemed! She must have been shopping like a mad woman!!

When I received the box late Saturday afternoon, I was so tired (grrrrr), that I waited to open it until Sunday. I was so anxious to open it, I got up early on Sunday to look at my treasures. Look at the size of my Goody Bag!! And, all mine!!! Mwaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa!

Like I said, it was a bottomless bag. I kept pulling these wonderful little items out, each wrapped either in a cute little canvas bag all stencilled up "perty" or a candy bag.

There was a candelabra, candles, chocolates, a wooden pumpkin, golly, and so much more! There were even socks and earrings too, oh my! I immediately put the candelabra on my table by the kitchen and these cute little bags are hanging on door knobs by the front door. Too cute!!

Thanks to Pea, I am now officially mentally prepared for Halloween! I have to start thinking about my ghost story to post on Halloween. Pea has been posting all kinds of haunted ghost stories in each of her posts. Thanks Pea, for getting us all in the right frame of mind. And, of course, you are the bestest swap buddy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Big hugs to you, my friend!


PEA said...

Woohoo you finally received it!! So glad you liked everything I sent:-) I've just come back from my weekend away and I haven't even unpacked yet but when I was reading the comments waiting for me and saw yours, I just had to come see your post:-)Enjoy my friend, you deserve it!! Hugs xox

Sue said...

That is so like Pea to give so very generously. One of the sweetest bloggers in blogland!

Shell said...

Wow! She's so generous. What a sweetie..and you are too!

Tammy said... racked up some loot there didn't ya!!
I love seeing what everyone got!!

Peggy said...

don't you just love these swaps!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Wow, what a great halloweent treat! You both sent each other great gifts. Not both are such kind and generous souls.

Beth said...

Wowsa Girl,,you racked up! What a great swap!! So now you are definetly in the Halloweenie mode!
Thats so cool!



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