Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ich Bin . . . (I Am . . . )

. . . here, in Geneva! Ich bin loving it! This is me flying in from Zurich. ha. I love these real women with curves. I took this today at the Zurich train station.

The hub has been busier (hehe) than the kid and I and therefore, I haven't had the computer. Think I've been too busy to use it if I did have it, but I would have liked to have kept up on things. You know what I mean? The hub is now conducting a little biz on the phone, the kid has passed out and we are meeting a friend for dinner shortly. I have a moment to get a post in, I hope!

Oh dear, this keyboard again. I try to use it as mine, but I have the worst time typing on a laptop. It takes me twice as long to go back and correct when I press the wrong key or my wrist hits some button and puts me in some odd place. Drives me nuts. Ok, with that said . . .

We left Zurich this morning around 11 via train. It was a beautiful ride and lulled me to sleep, as usual. I did take a few shots if I opened an eye and saw something pretty. Sorry for the reflection. If I'm not mistaking, I believe the pic on the left is nearer to Bern, Switzerland, the second is on Lake Geneva in Lausanne--looks like grape vineyards. My spellings may be wrong, but please bear with me. I don't have the time to look it up. It was about 2 1/2 hour ride. Just beautiful.

We arrived to a lovely surprise. Our hotel is absolutely gorgeous. I am still pinching myself. You know, it's hit or miss when you book something online; you just never know. Our first hotel in Amsterdam, (while funky) was a tad too funky. I'll fill you in on our "basement" flat at a later time. But, the Hotel de la Cigogne, here in Geneve, is breathtaking. WOW. (I also forgot how long it takes to upload pics on blogger over here...grrrrr......waiting, waiting, waiting. . . )

Here are some pics from the hotel. The cash register is in the lobby,

the furniture is outside our room, so petite and pretty.

This painting is just outside our door.

The perfumes were in our bath. (And I can wear them without sneezing, amazing.)

Oh, and yes, the fireplace is in our room.

The door knob is going into one of our closets. I am in heaven! I've even opened my bag and hung some things up. We have been on such a whirlwind, it's been too much of a hassle to do more than open the case and pull something out to wear and then close it again for the next leg. It's nice that we have a couple of days here to catch our breaths.

Poor people across the way are still working. I forget when I'm traveling that everyone else isn't on vacation also. I feel like Carry Bradshaw on my laptop looking out the window sipping my Orangina. Hmmmm. I wish.

Time's up. Gotta run. Will share more later. (I will have to post the pictures later too. It is taking a very long time . . . as I said.)


Peggy said...

I feel like I am right there seeing everything with you! thanks for sharing the photos.

Shell said...

Looks like a fabulous time to me! We miss you. Enjoy yourself thoroughly!

Sue said...

Looks like you're in a beautiful spot!
Great photos...

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'm happy to hear that you are having a good time here in Geneva and that your hotel is great!
Thankfully, the weather today was dreamlike (sunny and warm)! Lets hope that it will last 'till the end of your stay.
Have a nice time and enjoy yourselves!

PEA said...

Woohoo, was so hoping you'd have time to do a post and let us know how it's going!! Great to hear you're having such a wonderful time already and I just love the pictures...think of me over here where it's snowing:-( It's not staying on the ground but it's still snowing!!! lol Can't wait to hear more about your adventures....I mailed out your Halloween parcel on Tuesday and they said it will get to you in 9 to 10 business days:-) Miss you!! Hugs xoxo

FarmgirlCyn said...

You are taking some fabulous photos! The bed is incredible, as is the cash register, the paintings, etc!

Beth said...

What a gorgeous hotel,,lucky you!! I am so glad your having a wonderful time. And yes,,do remember your poor old friend back here in the N'ville!! :)



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