Sunday, June 27, 2010

Welcome to Scotland

It was a very long drive from Stratford up to Edinburgh, Scotland.  Thank goodness we had made the nice stop in Harrogate for a good lunch.  Regardless, I think we were all happy when we finally hit the Scottish border.

We had been in the car for over ten hours so a stretch of the legs was in order.  So we stopped at this wonderful picturesque area.  The kid and I weren't talking by this point (there was a "gum" incident) but he suggested we go up this road and see what we could find.  And so we did.

What a brilliant idea.  Because we found the small fishing village of Eyemouth.

It was breathtaking, to say the least.
There is something very magical about Scotland to me.  Perhaps it's the Scottish roots.

 The beauty is awe-inspiring.

We watched as the clouds rolled in and the sun began to set.  The kids were still not talking to me.

And then we were back on the road heading to Edinburgh.  Ugh.  I wanted to be next to the fire in this farmhouse rather in the car with hormies flying every which way.

I loved all the green surrounding us as we drove.  I loved watching the North Sea and the sun setting.   I  kept my mind on the beauty surrounding me rather than the very long drive with two teenagers, hormones raging.  Oy.
When we finally found our hotel, we were absolutely delighted.  We arrived after the hotel restaurant had closed so we had the kids order room service while the hub and I went down to the pub and threw back a few.  We were still vibrating from the car ride.  I would have loved to have been a fly on the kids' room wall.  I bet they were as fit-to-be-tied as us.  But how can you stay mad here?  Look at the view!  The Edinburgh Castle was right outside our window!

 Loved this quote from President Ford.

But not as much as I loved the martinis. 

This was the pear & blueberry martini.  It tasted like cotton candy.  I could have stayed down in the pub all night enjoying these.

After a few calming drinks, we decided to head back up to our gorgeous room and order a little sumpn' sumpn' for our bellies.  But, before heading back up, I decided to prank the chillins.  I asked the waiter for a house phone and dialed their room.  (This was the first time we had separate rooms since we left London.)  I disguised my voice as a Brit and rang them up.  The cuz answered, and I told her it was the front desk calling and there had been numerous complaints about noise coming from their room.  I then asked for their parents. (I'm so bad.)  Of course, we weren't there, so I told her to tell them to ring the front desk when they returned. (SO BAD!!!)

When we returned to the room, she was straight away telling us that the front desk had phoned.  She looked quite scared.  Poor thing.  After letting it go on for about five minutes, the hub and I screamed "GOT YOU!"  hahahahaha.  When we ordered room service for us we added this fancy tiramisu for the kids.  Yes, this is room service!  Oh my.  Of course, we were all happily in love with one another after that.

Our saving grace in Edinburgh?  TWO rooms! And very nice rooms at that!


Pretty Things said...

There are not enough "so so so"'s to say how so very envious I am! Enjoy every second!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Such a beautiful and dreamlike place!



Snap said...

Oh, Ro! Wonderful memories of your trip. It's just beautiful (including martini and food). Hormones ... Oh, My! You get an extra gold star!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your pictures and your family interaction!
Linda from Alabama

Beth said...

Wow,,I would love to see Scotland. You so bad trickin them poor babies,,lol. But it was funny.
Gotta love martinies and seperate rooms from teenies,,,lol.
See you Tuesday!

Linda said...

Ah, road trips with kids. So awful when it's hours. Your destination looks so great. I was in Scotland many years ago and remember the stark bareness of the countryside.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I've decided...since your boys are on their way out the can adopt me! LOL!

Gosh, isn't it beautiful there? My mother in law visited once, and she thought it was beautiful too.


PEA said...

Yup, it's no wonder Scotland is the dream place I've always wanted to visit! Oh my, a beautiful room with a view of Edinburgh Castle, plus all those wonderful sounding drinks and food...yup, I'm jealous! hehe

Oh you and hubby are sooooo bad but good! lol A great way to get the kids for sure:-) Glad you all fell in love with each other again after that one! xoxo

Jeanie said...

I simply adore it when you hit the road! You take me such wonderful places I've never been and share the best meals with us! If only we had "tasteovision!"



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