Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Howth, Ireland

Howth (pronounced ho-th) is a small peninsula about nine miles NE of Dublin. We decided to take the DART (train) out when we heard you could buy fish and feed the seals. Who could pass that up?

And a fast and easy train ride? A no brainer. (The trains and buses are a wonderful way of getting around Dublin and the outskirts. The streets change names every block or so, so a good map is a necessity--even to the cabbies. We had to use a cab one afternoon since most of the bus routes were closed due to a rather large charity walk and even he had to whip out a map!).

We arrived to the wonderful smell and sounds of the sea.

And seals eagerly waiting to be fed. They looked quite fat and happy.

These two boys bought fish and were adorable. They counted "one, two tree" (accent) before tossing their fish together into the waters.

This little feller was my favorite. Love those sweet eyes.

The buildings walking out to the marina were wonderful.

A small boat leaving the harbor. You can see the weather is about to change.

I loved the colors of the fish nets.

And the Irish humor (?) on the stern of this boat. ("Kiss My Ass")

The walls in town were covered with beautiful miniature flowers and fern.

And moss, of course.

This is the old Howth Abbey ruins (c. 1042 and replaced 1235).

Low tide in the harbor.

As we walked along the jetty, the weather turned rather wet and cold. I loved it! So Irish!!!

A warm lunch in a local pub was welcomed.

An old discarded bench perfectly placed on the jetty to watch the "busy" town.

I loved all the seagulls, larger than what I'm used to on the Gulf.

Quaint, sweetly colored houses up a quiet street, as we walked back to the train depot. I wonder where Larry Mullen (U2's drummer) lives here?

And the quick train ride home to the city. Sigh.

Aw, Ireland now has stolen my heart. I knew it would.


Annie said...

Oh Rosa, this is so wonderful. You have given us such an all-encompassing glimpse of this lovely town. I was especially interested in the boats at low tide. I wonder; do the boats stay there all the time or are they still working boats?

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What a great place! I'd love to visit Ireland.



Jeanie said...

What a fabulous trip -- much to catch up on here! But glad you're back -- I miss you! Love the photo of the nets the most!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Rosa, You have really gotten to do alot of traveling the past year or two, haven't you???? I'm so happy for you---and envious!!!!

I've been stuck at home for a month and a half. I had knee pain which led to knee surgery --and I'm still struggling (although some better)... This is hard for an active gal like me...

Thanks for all of the gorgeous pictures from Ireland.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh my, it looks like another truly wonderful trip! I'm so glad that you loved it there. One of my neices went this year, and she loved it too. She took some lovely romantic looking photographs of a castle, and I couldn't help but think that it looked like something from a dream. It was so old, and full of character.


PEA said...

How I would have loved being able to feed those seals!! With all the people there feeding them fish, it's no wonder they all look so happy and fat! lol Everything just looks so quaint, doesn't it, and as if time never went forward from all these centuries ago. Beautiful! xoxo



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