Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bruxelles (I)

Ok, let's get on with this whirlwind-of-a-trip.

The hub had to leave Dublin earlier than us due to a dinner he had been invited to attend. Thus, the hub had already checked into our room, TOP floor of this gorgeous renovated row house. We made it up to the second floor, huffin' and a puffin' and the owner says "We have several more floors to go." Jacq, the cuz, (my niece) and I looked at each other and laughed--yea right. But, the joke was on us, of course; for there were three more levels to go. Oh my. Why do I have so much sh$#@ in my bag??? lol Poor Jacq had over packed too. The kid carried his little, light-weight bag up as if it were a feather--which it was compared to ours. My rule is that everyone carries their own bags. If you pack it, you carry it. Until, of course, I was dying by the second story. lol Shame on me. I know.

We arrived kinda late and most restaurants were closed; but we found a nice little Italian cafe around the corner and had dinner. Jacq had her first taste of tiramisu. YUM.

The hub arrived from his dinner and met up with us where we sat and had a few nightcaps while the kids walked the reflecting pool across the street. Jacq is wearing her Irish jersey. Too cute!

Our room was so sweet, complete with a loft where the hub and I slept. I guess it was worth hiking up all those stories.

I loved the skylights and the wonderful view.

We awoke to rain, but that never stopped us. Brollies in hand, we took on Brussels! And it's wonderful architecture.

We found miscellaneous Belgian chocolatiers.

And one champagnotheque. Perhaps next time, wink wink.

Of course, there were so many sweet shops everywhere you turned. I wanted to come back and get some of these chocolates in the shape of the Manneken Pis, a very famous little statue of a boy peeing. I forgot.

Of course, you could get frites everywhere. We even found a frites' trolley (French fries!).

The windows were so colorful with food products.

Look at the whole chicken. My oh my, what big feet you have!

Yes, there are lots of Belgian lace shops. I didn't purchase ANY! Wha???

And gift shops. This is where I bought my first piece of Vienna bronze. You can barely see the little kitties next to the thimbles.

We finally made our way to the Grand Place in all its glory. Even in the rain, it's so beautiful. The Town Hall, the building with the tall spire, was built between 1402-1405. Amazing.

I love all the alleyways leading to it.

And little oddities that you fall upon and wish you knew the story of.

This is the statue of Everard 't Serclaes. He has something to do with saving Brussels from the Flemish in the 12th century. You rub his feet and the angel above him for good luck. Here the hub and the cuz go at it.

Loved this view.

There's one alley in particular that is full of wonderful seafood restaurants. Even though I don't eat it, I always admire their displays. This one was a tad low.

Headcheese as an appetizer. Yummy (not).

An abstract the kid took of the glass ceiling where we stopped for coffee.

And a cappuccino. Now, that's a cappuccino, baby! Always served with a taste of chocolate mousse.

But, the piece de resistance was the Belgian waffles. Oh my.

For some reason, the kid and I did not try them the last time we were here. Wonder why??

Because let me tell you, after one of these, you can slap me and call me happy!

Thank goodness for all the stairs to knock those calories off!

More Brussels to come.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A great place I'd love to visit! Thanks for those great clicks!



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Beth said...

OH Lordy,,if I had one of those waffles I would not have been able to go up those stairs,,lol. Great pics, Girlie,,I would Love to visit there one day.
See you soon!

Jeanie said...

Looks divine! I think I would love Brussles!



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