Sunday, June 27, 2010

Harrogate, North Yorkshire

At some point in my detailing our car trip around the UK, I found a blurb on one of my favorite sites for finding good food throughout the world, Chowhound.  It said that en route to Edinburgh, there must be a stop over in HarrogateAnd that is just what we did after leaving Stratford.  We had a beautiful, sunny day.

I don't know why we always feel funny driving by a nuclear plant.  Let's just hope there's no China Syndrome while we're driving by.  You see them all over the place in the UK, and I'm always fascinated with their sight.

Our main destination, of course, was Betty's Tearooms.  Do I need to tell you it was well worth the detour?  Oh my, was it ever.

Yes, we arrived properly at tea time.

We spied these coming in.  Bad, bad.  Bad.

There was sparkling pink lemonade, Swiss Alpine Mac (& cheese),

(Kids were HAPPY!  We like happy kids. 

Rösti (hashbrowns) and Yorkshire Sausages.
And then . . . . dun dun dun . . .  (scroll WAY down if you're dieting!)

How hard do you think it was to walk away without any pastries?  Pretty darn hard.

But we were good.

Look at these luscious petit fours and marzipan.  The detail is amazing.  I loved the little cabbage. 

The take-away counter.

Harrogate is a lovely town.  One I have added to my list to return to with lots more time to explore.

On our way out of town, I spied these perfect places to live.  I'd take a flat in any one of these, thank you very much.

And then I could walk to the park where I worked in this little shop.  Is this not the most precious of shops you have ever seen?  Ahhhhhhhhh.


Snap said...

I want a pastry!!!!!!!!! Yummmmm

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Yummy food! I miss England so much...



Linda said...

Oh my. Betty's is on my list next time I'm in England.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I've really enjoyed all of your England posts, Rosemary. It is so pretty and charming there....a little bit like living in a storybook, isn't it?


Jeanie said...

Have you ever thought of writing guide books? Travel articles? Really, between your amazing photos and writing, they're the best!



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