Sunday, June 27, 2010

Edinburgh, Scotland

Going back in time, again, here we are in (June) Edinburgh, Scotland, continuing our whirl-wind road trip through the UK.

Our hotel was located just across the street from the old castle and it was a short walk up the hill. 

I am always amazed with how these structures are built right into tthe sides of rocks.

While the kids and hub took a tour of the Edinburgh Castle, I went on a tour of the Edinburgh Old Town Weaving Co.  Loved it. I think I spent most of my time just wandering around looking at all the different tartans and looking for familiar names.  None for my family, of course.
Here's a little video the kid helped me make this morning.  I filmed a short time in the Mill, being totally fascinated with the old weaving machines.  Of course, I had to add some wonderful Tattoo music.  Getting fancy here.  haha.

Along the Royal Mile, gorgeous old architecture. 


I spied this "young" gent making his way up to the main street.  He stopped to speak with the bagpiper who had been playing some lovely music.  I was inspired by the politeness of the bagpiper as he spoke with the elder.

This is one of my favorites, Ness, when I get to Edinburgh.  A twist on the older colors of Scottish woolens.

Of course, we had to walk Mary King's Close, as it is said to be a very haunted area in Edinburgh.  A close is an alley or stairway that leads to other levels in buildings and to the lower part of the city.  Here the kid waits to feel something.  grin.  Nothing.

This shows the lower area of the city.  The last time we were here, we stayed in the business district down "there."  Loved the name Granny's Green Steps!

And more spots in the old town.

And then we were back at the hotel.  Here the jumbotron is airing the Royal Ascot with Her Majesty The Queen arriving with the Duke of Edinburgh via carraige.  Fun stuff!

A quick check out and back on the road (again).

The beauty of Scotland whizzing by us as we sped back South towards Cumbria and the Lake District, our next stop.  Can anyone tell me why the UK does not put North, South, East or West on their motorway signs?  It sure would help us gringos.

Phew!  I'm tired, again, just thinking about it.


Snap said...

Wonderful trip, Ro. Thanks for sharing it with us. (I would have been with you looking at the weaving.)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A great town! Scotland is such a beautiful place.



Beth said...

What a cool place! I saw your video yesterday on FB! It was great! Mom and I went to Tunica this past week-end, didn't win any thing and woke up this morning with Laryingitus,,lol. When we gonna make some more jewelry?

Jeanie said...

Have you read Alexander McCall Smith's Isobel Dalhousie stories? All set in Edinburgh. Seeing your blog helps me better visualize her locale!

PEA said...

I would have sneaked up on the kid when he was sitting there waiting for a ghost and yelled BOO! lol I'm mean that way! hehe More gorgeous pictures of the beautiful sights of Scotland...the castles are what I love the most. Those old weaving machines are quite something to watch, wow! It must be quite the job just preparing them to start weaving!! Waaaaaaaaaaa I want to go to Scotland!!!!!!! xoxox

Pretty Things said...

Oh the castles! I'm green with envy. Have funnnnnn!



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