Sunday, June 27, 2010

Post, Post, Post London (Past)

I can't believe I am still catching up on my European tour from the beginning of the summer. So much we did!

As mentioned in the previous post from Brussels, way back when, we took the bullet train (Eurostar) from Brussels into London. Oh, I do love that train! Any train will do, but the Eurostar was a blast, literally. Loved the speed in which we arrived. There is just something so wonderful about train transportation.

And something so special about the train depots themselves. Here, we arrived at St. Pancras station inside London; and what a beauty she is. She was first opened in 1868.

Passing Buck House. "Does someone live there?" Um, yea, like the Queen. haha.

Mark, aka Mr. English, and his lovely wife Mary had been so kind to invite us to stay at their house during our visit. How wonderful is that? Somehow, he was right in front when we pulled into Wandsworth by taxi. Yea, leave it to the Yanks, right? Oh, we had been on a whirlwind already and the thought of lugging our bags through the tubes and buses just had the cuz and I all in a tizzy. lol We were still very much jet lagged, to say the least. Here Mr. English is showing us their wonderful garden.

Their house was built in the 1850s and was one of the originals to the neighborhood. I find it all so fascinating. The history they shared was incredible. Stories like some of the glass in their bathroom window had been blown out during the bombings in WWII and replaced with a type of glass pane that was only produced during the war. (The top window was the hub and my bedroom which overlooked the garden. Sweet!)

They took us on a little tour and showed us all the lovely Victorian row houses that were all around. Here is Rose Cottage, Landsdowne House and Gordon House. I lurve how they name all the houses! The story goes, the yellow brick was quite expensive back in the day; so they would brick the fronts with the yellow brick and the sides would be done in a cheaper, darker brick. How quaint.

Loved the cutwork in the wood above the windows and doors on these cuties.

Here's one of the original brew houses around the corner.

And the old church at the top of the hill.

The old Wandsworth train station.

Of course, I could go on and on about the wonderful places here.

They were the most gracious of hosts, Mary cooked dinner for us, making focaccia which we gobbled in a matter of moments. Sweet person she is, Mary made hamburgers for the kids and chicken breasts for us.

It was delightful to sit and have a wonderful dinner at their home.

Mark had his DJ hat on and played great music for us both nights. He has a vast selection of New Orleansy sounds including the Radiators.

The kitties were less than excited to see us, obviously. Blue did love the kids though. Just not me. Pout. I don't know why, but I always called her a he. Until the day we left. Perhaps, that's why he was so displeased with me. SEE! HE! I just don't get it, do I?

And Peaches? She wouldn't even look at me. She pulled it off beautifully didn't she? Ah, the lives of cats, choosing whom they like and when.

The next day, while everyone worked, including the hub, the kid, cuz and I did London. Well, as much as we could in one day, meaning we startied at the London Eye.

We began with beautiful blue skies over the Thames.

Looking at Parliament and Big Ben in the distance going up.

And coming down when the clouds began rolling in. Ahhhhh, London!

We were then on our way to Covent Garden for lunch and everything. I had my favorite pasty and beans and we watched a magician do his show as we ate.

The stalls were full of antique wares. Loved the bin of old clock faces. I snapped this before the sellers could say NO photos, please! Oooopsy.

My favorite toy store, Pollock's.

And, another favorite, Cath Kidston's, of course!

The hub met up with us after his meetings, and we shared a pint before heading off to another double-decker bus ride.

But not before having an "American" treat, mini cupcakes. Cheers!

We did not partake in ice cream, but I love how in Europe, they put little cookies sticking out of the scoops!

I had never been to Tower Bridge. Go figure. But we finally did the drive across!

The outer curtain with the Towers in the background.

In a tunnel where the cuz holds her breath. She made it! I so love this pic of her and the kid! This is them personified. Bonified.

And Big Ben, up close, on the way home.

We are to come back to London after we drive all over the UK! More to come! I should probably, somehow, link all the Euro posts together once I'm finished. Hmmmm.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Thanks for sharing! I love London. Gorgeous houses and cute kitties!



Thrifty Miss Priss said...

oh my gosh! I'm so behind in my blog reading but I'm LOVING all the pictures! It's just sooo beautiful! I love the one of the kid and cuz in the tunnel holding her wonderful!

MarkMcL said...


Glad you enjoyed the trip and thanks for posting the photos.


MarkMcL aka Mr English

Beth said...

Oh,,yeah,,I remember the Sweet couple you stayed with,,and the story about your departure,,lol.
Looks like so much fun!
Miss You

ChrisJ said...

These are such wonderful photos. I know London very well and I'm sure Wandsworth is not far from where I lived during WWII. Lovely houses. (I've been reading your posts backwards, so this comment is for all photos from here on)You must have a great camera -- or of course great skill -- to take such sharp photos. Enjoyed my visit.

Linda said...

I love England. Sort of wish I lived there sometimes.



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