Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dublin, Ireland

I have never been to Ireland. Of course, I have always wanted to go but never had it put on any of our itineraries. (PS In fact, I should be saying that the hub hasn't had business in Ireland at any time the kid and I could jump aboard.) Hmmm, now that that's cleared up.

We left Nashville on Saturday, June 5 and arrived the next morning, 8:30 a.m. Dublin time. I was feeling pretty refreshed. In fact, this was the easiest jet lag I have had to overcome. Yay. We arrived at the Hampton Hotel and was quite pleased with the small hotel. We had to get two rooms next to each other, not a whole lot available for a family of four. Poor cuz passed out on the sofa here until our room was ready. This was her first time overseas. I can't tell you how excited we all were arriving in Dublin!

The hub had business; but the kid, cuz and I wasted no time taking a bus into the city center (a mere 5 minute bus ride). The pubs were so much fun to witness first hand. Of course, we fell in love with Dublin and its friendly people immediately. Cheers was our favorite expression. It was used each time we talked with someone.

The sweetest lady at the front desk of the hotel had suggested Gallagher's as a traditional Irish establishment which served very good local fare. Loving the name right off the bat, we met the hub there for dinner.

A pint to begin with, of course.

Even after studying some of the food translations, I could not remember what a boxty was.

And so, of course, that is just what I had to order. I got the special made of free-range chicken breast. YUM.

The hub got the Irish stew. Of course, YUM.

The kid's fave pub fare, fish and chips.

And the poor cuz was adjusting to Europe and ordered the old stand by for Americans, a cheeseburger. Oh my, but it does look delish!

And the dessert of the day, Banana and Butterscotch Pancake with Fresh Cream. It had me at fresh cream.


Afterwards, we went walking around. Too much fun!

More pubs.

And by about midnight, we were spent, to say the least. The sky looked more like dusk.

It was nice to go to sleep and dream of chasing leprechauns.



Jeanie said...

I've never been to Ireland either, and have always had it on the list -- the music is my "soul" music. The images you share -- the best! Love the picturesque buildings and the food looks fabulous!

Snap said...

I want to go!!!!!!!!!

PEA said...

You hear so much about the pubs in Ireland and how fun it must have been to actually go inside some of them:-) I think it would be awesome to try the different foods they have there, especially the dessert! lol I'm just loving the architecture, so gorgeous. I'm just so glad you were able to go on this trip but I'm also glad that you're now home safe and sound:-) Love ya. xoxo



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