Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I am just getting back from Europe and I so apologize for not being able to blog while out of town. It was quite a two-week whirlwind--complete with sketchy wi-fi in most destinations. I will share details of each wonderful place in a little bit (as soon as I can get my photos transferred from notebook to my computer!).

I had thought that I had posted before I left. Only I hadn't. When I got home on Sunday, I looked at my blog and noticed that nothing has been posted since May 30! When I was at Riverside! Eeeeeek. Then I remembered how booger was giving me fits before I left. Yes! That's the reason why I hadn't blogged. It made me feel a little less guilty. But you? Did you think I feel off the face of the earth?

Long story short, I have been working since I returned on booger and have finally fixed the bug which would not enable me to upload photos to the posts. Oooooof. Why blog if you don't have photos to share? I couldn't. And so, nothing. Until now. It seems coming home from holiday is never easy. I've been putting out several fires since arriving home. Such is always the case, it seems. Hard to get away on holiday and even harder to return.

Without more rambling, I will now POST the entry I thought had already been posted pre-vacation. I hope you all are doing well, and I have so much to share!

Happy summer!


Snap said...

Welcome home. No apology necessary. Life happens. Can't wait to hear all about the trip (like the new glasses and the toes!!!!!)

Jeanie said...

You're allowed! Just glad you're home!



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