Saturday, June 26, 2010

Maison-Noble, Brussels (Pt. V and Final!)

This is why those stairs were well worth climbing several times a day. I would highly recommend the Maison-Noble to anyone staying in Brussels.

It is a delightfully renovated row house that made a pleasant stay in Brussels. As I mentioned earlier, we had the duplex on the top floor which was absolutely delightful for a couple. Add kids? Well, the pull-out sofa in the living room (barely a double) was not quite sleepable--especially for two teenagers to share. I think the only one to sleep that first night was the hub. Being the mother hen I am, I worried about the kids being uncomfortable all night, which they were.

We purchased an inexpensive "futon" for the cuz to sleep on the very next day. It did the trick. We passed it on to Raphi when we left for him to use in his new condo. It's absolutely perfect for an unexpected guest, especially if they are young. lol

The dining area, along with the entire first floor, was gorgeous. Look at the stained glass.

It took the entire back wall which led into a sweet courtyard.


The heaters had these lovely holders which I assumed were for water, a humidifier of sorts. Sweet!

The fireplace was transformed into the media center.

The parlour had the grand piano which was played each evening by an extremely talented young pianist, Evgeni Bozhanov from Bulgaria. Evgeni won the second prize at the Queen Elizabeth Competition 2010. He was absolultely brilliant. What a treat for all the guests.

The living area was cozy. I adored the ceiling! What beauty.

And speaking of beauty. . . the night before we were leaving for London, I contracted conjunctivitis. Loverly. It was a really nasty infection that came on quite quickly. Ew. Raphi says I touch too many things. ha! Thank goodness, Raphael's mother is an opthamologist, oh yes she is. So, our dear Raphi rang her up and got a prescription for me! How lucky was I? Pretty darn lucky. (Except for the fact that I had to go completely make-up free the rest of the TRIP! Argh!) Unsightly, to say the least!

It was Sunday, and we were, again, fortunate enough to find a pharmacy open, albeit only through a slot in the door. Gotta love Europe! While Raphi spoke to the pharmacist in French (thank you RAPHI!), I spied this Willie Nelson poster. Just missed him! Daig.

And another view of the lovely reflecting pool.

It was then time to bid adieu to our lovely rue Marco.

One last Belgian waffle shared with the cuz.

And then we were whisked off to London via the Euro Star bullet train through the chunnel! This was my first time going under the English Channel. Most excellent and another MUST!

Next stop, LONDON! Wooot wooooot! Over and out Brussels! Finally, right?


Snap said...

I've enjoyed your trip!!!!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A beautiful place! Those stained glasses are amazing!



Beth said...

Wowsa! What a gorgeous place to stay at. The stained glass was amazing. Bummer on the pink eye,,those hurt!

Jeanie said...

1. I want to travel on your budget.

2. You must live under a pink cloud to have an ophthamologist at hand across the pond.

3. This post is lovely! What a grand time!



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