Sunday, December 02, 2007

There's the Christmas Spirit

Spread the love. Bella is normally attacking Abby or terrorizing her. Today, she lay on top of her and loved her. There ya go.

This morning started out with a bang. I was sitting in the kitchen and I heard the next-door neighbor's little dogs barking at Frankie, my mom's dog. I smiled because the dogs have been in Los Angeles since the family decided to move this summer. It was nice to hear them again as they are all here for Christmas. Then, I heard the most God-awful sounds of dogs fighting. Scared me to death. I thought "Oh Lord, one of the little (chihuahua) dogs have come through the fence and Frankie (a fat corgi) got one of them!" I ran outside and Frankie was outside the fence fighting with Rocky! I screamed at Frankie and he stopped and ran to the side of the yard. When I looked to see how Frankie had gotten out, I noticed the gate was completely off its henges, still pad locked on the other side (since crazy woman, I put pad locks on the gates to the back yard and mom's apartment). After getting Frankie back in the yard, I looked at the gate. It looked as if someone had taken it apart to get inside the yard. Now, this worries me. First that it is so easy to take off its henges and get inside the yard, but second, who did it and why. First I thought crazy woman. It terrified me that someone was trying to get in the yard in this manner. After thinking about it for a minute, I remembered the kitchen idiots taking the old dishwasher down to mom's and at the time I wondered how they had gotten into the yard. I am hoping it was them and it was just the norm for them to forget to put the gate back together. Regardless, when I was coming back in from putting it back together the phone was ringing. It was our neighbor, with the dogs, asking where the emergency vet was as they were in the car with Rocky who was bleeding profusely. OMG. Frankie had literally torn the little guy up. When they said little Rocky was in a bad way, it just tore me up inside. I suppose losing Roo dog not so long ago is still so fresh in my heart. The thought of them losing their Rocky just killed me. Long story a little shorter, Rocky had six stiches (which is a lot for a little guy) and had to stay in the hospital all night. They had to wait literally all day in the emergency room. And then, the mother, after driving the kids home and heading back to the vet got in a car accident! OMG. All because of Frankie and the gate! She is ok, but I just feel absolutely horrible that any of this happened. I thank God that she is alright and Rocky is ok and will be fine. I tell you what though, if the kitchen idiots did leave the gate off its hinges, they will be paying for the veterinarian bill. Too much. And so, it's just been one of those days. Please keep Rocky in your thoughts for a speedy recovery, if you will.

I am keeping on trucking though. After three days of Christmas music and still not in the mood, I found XM has a new Led Zeppelin station--ALL Zep. Let me tell you, after a Black Dog and a You Shook Me, I was whipping the place into shape. After visiting my friends at the emergency vets, I ran down the street to Costco and bought some beautiful poinsettias--two white ones for the dining room and one red one for the front foyer (or wherever it may end up). They are lovely and after being so worried about the dog, I just threw myself into decorating the house.

I found this box with a new tree I must have purchased at an after-Christmas sale last year. I really needed it too. I put it in my study (feng shui travel room) with my fish. I normally just put these "house" ornaments around the table, just asking for trouble. I think it looks nice and I'm sure the fish are enjoying the new views--yea right. I also put my Sarabella family ornaments up, this year in the the dining room. It needs a little something else, but I will get to that later. I literally opened one box of stuff today. I have a long way to go.

I moved all the plants around to make room for the poinsettias and the tree (which I hope comes this week). I love all the green in the family room. The kid and his friend (yes the one who owns the dog our dog almost killed) put all the candles in the windows. I tell you one thing, I'm not feeling the lights on the outside of the house this year. The kid is going to kill me, but I'm just not feeling it. I will put the big old fashioned colored ones on the back deck for us to enjoy, but I don't think the garland and little pearl lights will be adorning our front porches this year. The thought of putting them up and taking them down is overwhelming. I don't do overwhelming. I think the window candles will look just lovely, don't you? Don't even think I'll put the wreaths in on the windows. Nope. Just don't wanna.

The hub is in Dubai but will be home soon. Today the teenager said something I thought I would never hear come out of his mouth (as he was lugging all the Christmas boxes up from the basement). "How does dad always figure the best time to leave?" All I could say is "You got that right." Finally, the guy feels my pain, lol. And thus, this is why I now order a Christmas tree. I've learned to just "git-er-done" in his pre-Holiday absence. It will be pretty and festive by the time he gets home. Now, ya think he really planned it that way? giggle. I'll be glad when he is safe at home, regardless.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Cute looking kitties! I'd love to be a cat sleeping all day long...
Nice plants and decorations!



Connie said...

So sorry to hear about that incident with the pup next door. I will definitely be saying a prayer.


Janet said...

Blogger is finally letting me comment!! I'm so sorry to hear about the little dog next door. You must be feeling terrible. That gate off the hinges would be worrisome to me.

I think you're beginning to get in the spirit. All your decorations so far look terrific....but then they always do. You have that magic touch when it comes to your home.

Vallen said...

Oh those kinds of things (gate, dog, car accident) just leave me in a puddle of nerves. I am always amazed at how swiftly and efficiently you handle things that come your way. You are something else.

Mrs. Staggs said...

That is such a sweet photo of the cats in your pretty chair. Too bad the rest of life isn't feeling as peaceful. I hope your neighbor's dog will be ok soon.
All of your decorating and the new kitchen are lovely though. You're much more on top of things than I am. I love the poinsettias. I always buy a pretty one to put into an old brass tea kettle. I'll have to look for one today.
I'm looking forward to making some holiday magic around my house in the next few days, but in a simpler way than usual too.
Let the merry making begin!

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Finally getting back in and caught up reading your adventures. Praying for the pup for sure.
Your home turned out lovely! So glad that is behind you!!! Wonderful pics and narrative all around.

NAME: CIELO said...

Just found your lovely blog... sorry to hear about the dog incident.... I love the picture of the kitties...

Pl/come by my house in the roses for some tea :)


T*mmy said...

Those kitties are adorable and I'm sorry to hear about the dog fight. I'm kinda sad here as I just heard that my Mom's dog had to be put down this afternoon...he had a long good life but I'm still sad...

Also wanted to tell you I saw your comment over at don't call me Early Bird for nuthin'!

Have a great day! =)

cityfarmer said...

blogger letting me, too...I've been away but always thinking of ya

Artsy said...

Sorry to hear about your morning. Hope the puppy is okay. Sigh. I'm glad you were able to keep the decorating going. Looking good!

Linda said...

wow, traumatic happenings! The house is looking good and festive though.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Rosa, I am like you and can't get in the Christmas spirit either....I am not putting up a tree, only a few things around the house. We will be spending Christmas in Atlanta with our daughter and grands..It will feel like Xmas when I get to their house..
In your cat picture, it looks like Bella has her arm around Abby's choking please....

The dog story sounded bad .I hope the pup recovers.
Have a good day. Baba



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