Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Little R&R

We are heading South for a little R&R--Riverside & Rest, that is. I wish I could just snap my fingers and be there. The long drive, I'm not looking forward to. I think it's up to the hub to do the bulk of it this time, I'm afraid.

I have felt completely drained these past few days and getting very little done. Our Christmas dinner was postponed until last night. The hub made steak and lobster tails with baked potatoes. I wish I had been able to taste it, but unfortunately, the head stuffiness is still lurking. I was supposed to make a Caesar salad--I forgot. And I never did go back to making that chocolate pie that troubled me so on Christmas day. I stick my tongue out at it.

I've pulled my muck buckets and already have them filled to the brim with necessities and not-so necessities. I found a few pieces of woodwork at the American Folk Art Museum in NYC which I will share with you once they find a proper place at Riverside. I can't wait to open them again. One piece is even made in Alabama. I must look up the artist this summer and find his whereabouts. I'm taking my old computer (which was then passed down to the kid until he got his first new one for his 14th birthday) down to stay at Riverside. All of the travels back and forth can't be good on my newer model and I have decided to leave it here from now on. Once you lose a hard drive, you don't ever want to lose another one, let me tell you. This little iMac is all that is needed there. And, as I got a new printer for Christmas, which I haven't even played with yet, my old ink jet will be finding a new home at Riverside as well. This is our first time there during the winter months and while it won't be too cold, I'm still taking a quilt to keep us warm in the cooler evenings. I believe the forecast calls for rain off and on all weekend which is fine by me. I think that's just what the doctor ordered. I'm hoping there are less bugs this time of year, because I was really starting to get freaked out a little towards the end there with all the critters running about. (Thanks to the kid--filling me with facts I don't even want to know.) I know, I'm going to have to get a tougher shell (ew); and eventually I will. But for now, I will still enjoy a little less of those creepy things.

Trying to get everything finished up tonight so we can just head off in the morning without much to do. I have the teenager all set up and mom didn't even seem to care that we were leaving. Perhaps she understands this time. I think as long as she knows the teenager is here, she's absolutely fine with it. My trips are going to become shorter and shorter, if not non existent, once he leaves for college. I don't think she should be left alone any more. Although she is still independent physically, I think mentally, she needs someone around. We'll cross that river once we need to.

I'm off to get Bella a new kennel. She has outgrown her old one and the others we have for vet visits are way too big. I need one perfect for her little self--the princess she is. Perhaps gilded with gold. lol. I still remember her first one. Look at the baby! What a cutie. This picture was taken after arriving at Riverside for her first trip. (And after she viciously attacked me en route when she thought Roo dog was after her!) We only had her for a day before we hit the road. And, of course, on the way back home, she figured how to get out of this little carry on.


Linda said...

Enjoy your time there. I hope you are totally recovered soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Rosemary, I hope you can start to feel better soon. This is the Christmas for the sickies, isn't it? Hopefully, you'll be fully recovered by New Year's.

Riverside will be a wonderful sanctuary for you, I think! Have a lovely time (and give Miss Bella a kitty-kiss for me!)

Jeanie said...

Oops -- that anonymous one above was me!

Sometimes technology confounds me...

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Rosie..So glad you are feeling better and up to traveling. Any time there is even a hint of snow, I stay inside! (and we are getting our share of it this weekend!) Blessings to you and yours, and may you have an awesome time away.

paula said...

Merry Christmas Rosa :o) x



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