Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's Christmas Time in the City

It was a magical trip. Needless to say, there's nothing like New York City during the Holiday Season and I hardly know where to begin. Above was taken near Rockefeller Center, home of the famous ice skating rink. (You'll have to pardon all the blurry photos I took the entire trip. What was up with that?????)

After arriving in the city and dropping my luggage off at the hotel (my room wasn't quite ready), I decided to head down to pick up some cookies at one of the suggested bakeries on the Chowhound website. I had promised the kid I would come home with some wonderful Italian butter cookies the area is known for and thought I would get that out of the way. (Did I mention that I had invited my brother Jim to meet me in the city? Of course, I wanted to get all my "must-do's" before he arrived on Monday!) I walked the 12 city blocks only to find Pozzo's Bakery closed up tight. I thought perhaps it was just closed on Sunday. But on my way out of the city and on the way to the airport on Tuesday, it was still closed; so I'm afraid it has closed down for good. Geesh, I'm glad I didn't do that schlep again only to find it still closed! You'd think I would have called first. I'm not that organized. Perhaps one day I'll learn.

On my way back to 5th Avenue, I passed Rockefeller Center. It was a mob scene. I don't think I have ever been there on a weekend. Wooosh! It was totally packed. There was an orchestra playing on the ice; and it was so lovely hearing the beautiful Christmas music coming from all around. One of my favorite Swiss chocolatiers is located there, Teuscher's. The kid and I actually went to the shop in Zurich last year. I always have to get their Champagne Truffles. Yum. I got a big box so my brother and I could eat a few and I would have plenty to bring home. I also picked up some goodies for friends, family and stockings.

I strolled through Times Square and then back up to 55th. I thought the M&M Store (yep, one of those there) had a cute little movie playing above its storefront. Way too creative. (The Corona is for Raphi.) It was a tad cold and of course all my scarves were stored in my luggage since it was almost 70 degrees (f) when I left Nashville, and so I bought me a little wool cap from one of the street vendors--$10. It reminded me of my Aunt Ollie for some reason. She used to always have a little cap on in the winter and she must have had one like the one I bought. This little setting was outside a florist. I liked the look of the large river stones in the grate and the red vines running through it. And, of course, there are many many shows playing. I just happen to walk by this marque and thought you might enjoy seeing Grease.

Then I headed on over to 6th Avenue where I ran into Radio City Music Hall. They normally have the humongous toy soldiers for their Christmas shows up on the roof, but this year it was their 75th year of the show and changed the scene. So pretty. It was about this time that I received a phone call that my room was ready. Yippee. I was ready by then to get settled. I passed Saks Fifth Avenue but I never made it back to look at their window displays. The lines were ridiculously long, and remember, I don't do lines. Booo hisssssss. I wonder if they were as fun as they were last year?

More to come tomorrow.


Linda said...

Looks like a great time. Were all of the theatres stilled closed due to the strike? Almost like Paris, except that was transportation.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wow, what a great post! I loved reading it. New York must be pretty wild and ever so pretty during the Holiday Season ! Thanks for sharing...



Beth said...

Oh Girl,,I wish I could have been with you, we would have had a blast. Maybe next year we can go together. Its so neat seeing all the sites I saw this summer dressed up in their Christmas finery. I just LOVE NYC!!! They are suppose to have the white stuff up there by today. We might see some White stuff here this week-end too!!! Its beginning to feel alot like Christmas.
Glad you had a fun time!!! Miss You so much!!!

Artsy said...

What a fun trip! I haven't been there in years.


Thank you for sharing all of these photos. Visting NYC at Christmas is one of my dreams. Have a wonderful time.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I love those snowflakes! I love NYC, and especially at Christmas. Thank you for sharing all these lovely photos. They bring back happy memories for me.



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