Monday, December 31, 2007

A Day at the Beach

We decided that since today the sun was shining and the temperatures were warm, we would head off to the beach. It was the perfect day. We sat for hours, read, listened to the surf, shelled and just daydreamed.

I even got a photo shoot in of my new Riverside charms my brother gave me for Christmas. I love all the pieces but there is something especially fun about the surf board. Of course, I played with that one most. An older gent walked by as I was "staging" this shot with the waves and he couldn't quite understand what I was doing. These pieces are barely an inch in length. I just have too much fun.

I found a butterfly that looked like he could use a new pair of wings. The kid thinks he got caught up in a storm out at sea and fought his way back to shore. To me, he looked as though he had just come out a cocoon, wings waiting to be spread and expand for new horizons. I didn't bother him, just let him enjoy his driftwood.

As the sun began to set and the air turned cooler, we packed up and did what every other Alabamian was doing. We headed straight to the fireworks store and stocked up for this evening's festivities. We haven't quite decided what we're up to yet. Fairhope is having a "First Walk" opening up the streets until after midnight. We may head over there a little later. Who knows. The night is young. The fire is flickering, the music is playing and we have lots of fireworks to shoot off! We're in no hurry to go anywhere.

Wishing everyone a safe and fun New Year's Eve.


Artsy said...

Happy New Year, Rosie. I LOVE these photos. Wow.. Is this with the new camera? Great work. Makes me feel just like I was there with you basking in the sun.

Vallen said...

I'm making that first photo my desktop photo so I can share a Riverside winter day with you. Happy New Year my dear friend.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Hey there Miz Rosa,
We've just come in from a family birthday celebration and it's 45 miunutes past midnight where you are. I kept hoping I'd be home sooner so I could send you a virtual hug right at midnight, but we were all havin' a pretty good time, celebrating my nephew's 21st birthday.
Thank you my dear friend, for being there. It's made a difference to my life. How cool is that? A few moments here and there, through a computer. It's all so real to me, and you are a big part of the reasons why.
Here is to seeing each other through another year full of the happy things, but a few of the sad things too. It seems inevitable, you know? But such is life. We're stronger for it all. I've got your back, my friend.


Jeanie said...

Love the photos! Anything with sand, charms... Heaven!



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