Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Big Blogging Welcome to Jeanie!

We have wonderful new blog to visit in Blogland. Jeanie, who I know from the ATC group I'm in, has just started her own blog--today! Already, she has outdone herself with several posts. She is the sweetest person, and you will instantly fall in love with her and her beautiful home. (Not to mention, she has already given us recipes!!)

And, so, in honor of her arrival, please take a slice of luscious Apricot Nectar pound cake. It's simply delicious. (And no, I didn't make it, silly. Does it look like something I made? I wish.) Well, yes, I'll join you in a slice. Don't have to twist my arm.

Now rush on over to The Marmelade Gypsy and give her a big hearty welcome. Welcome Jeanie! I'm so happy to have you in Blogland to visit with.


Artsy said...

Yippee! Our Jeanie has a blog. She's another TV maven just like moi. Cake looks great!!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Thank you for sending me over to Jeanie's lovely home. She's decorated it in such a pretty way for the holidays.

That cake sounds and looks like it would be really good. I'm baking some shortbread and a couple of other things, but then I'm relying on my favorite Scandanavian bakery to fill in for the rest. a one horse open sleigh, hey!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Wow.. I wish I had a piece of pound cake with my morning coffee..I went over and met your friend Jeanie, so many friends we share our lives with everyday...Now I am off to make sure I add your name and hers to my site.
Have a great Christmas, Baba

Jeanie said...

Thanks for welcoming me to the neighborhood! Already I've had some of your friends visit and I love it! Still trying to figure out how to comment back to them, but I'll learn!

Cake is yummy. I always enjoy a good reason for cake!

Thanks for introducing me!



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