Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Faerie Queen Strikes Again

Yesterday morning, as I sat at my computer trying to recapture my trip to NYC in a post, I heard a little noise from the front door. When I peeked out the window, I saw little elves trying to lift this small box up to the doorstep. I ran around the back with my camera and tried to sneak up on them. Of course they all scattered when they saw me, except this little one that got trapped underneath. I gently lifted the box and it was gone in a flash! I'm happy it was a light box! Poor little thing.

I then saw the box wrapped in pretty gold and yellow paper. It had my name on it. And it was from none other than Queen Vallen. That rascal!

When I placed it under the tree, I think Bella could smell the little elves. She was quite the curious kitty. Distant at first but then she felt it was ok to investigate closer. She sniffed and sniffed and then began tearing at the paper! Bad little kitty.

I opened the box and the sweetest little tag sat on top of tissue. Bella quickly took it away and I had to chase her down to recover it.

Tucked inside tissue paper was a cracker! Oh Val! It is so sweet! Of course, I will wait until Christmas to open it and it now sits proudly on the tree. It's the prettiest part of the tree by far. (I did put it up high enough to keep it from Bella.)

And then there was a playing card with a cardinal (Virginia's state bird), my favorite bird, on the front. Thank you Val, from the bottom of my heart.

It is truly a magical time of year. I am so happy to have Faerie Queen Vallen in my life. She continuously spreads magic throughout the land, not only during the Christmas Season but throughout the entire year. Bless you Val (and your little elves).


Artsy said...

Isn't Christmas FUN? You must have been very good this past year.

Anonymous said...

Tonight at 9 EST and then at 1 AM EST, HGTV is showing "Holiday Windows 2007". The description says "Famous, fabulous holiday storefronts."

And since you missed the windows in NYC: (not great quality, but you can get an idea)

Also, on You Tube





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