Thursday, March 01, 2007

Barely a Hole Yet Now Christened

You know how it is when everything is fresh and new? I'm so hesitant to go at it with my hammer and nails! You do remember how many things I hang on the walls, right? I don't even know where to begin, therefore I haven't. I have those three illustrations I want to hang with the boys' art in this area; and that has thrown me for a loop. I am just befuddled.

Poor momma. We were talking this morning and she was standing on the stairs. I was at the top, she was at the weird little turn/landing. She went to move, lost her balance and down she went! OMG. It scared me to death. She has been pretty alert for the past few days. I suppose things like this happen when you least expect it. Good news is that she didn't break anything. She skinned her knee on the carpet, just a scrape, she broke a nail (which probably hurt the worst!) and hit her shoulder. She got up, brushed herself off and said she was fine. We then looked at each other and just started laughing! What is it about people falling that is so funny? I checked her out all over and like I said, the worst looking was the scraped knee. When I saw the blood,
I just about freaked. But nothing a little wipe and a bandaid couldn't fix. That with a big ol' hug and kiss and quick thank-you prayer! Of course, that was the worst in her eyes--staining her jeans with blood. Lord forbid! I think the whole thing scared me more than her. I am thankful it was the carpeted stairs and not the wooden ones she tumbled down. I have told her over and over to NEVER go up the wooden stairs. Now that IS dangerous for a fall. She has now christened the newly painted wall with her marks which is kinda a relief. You know that first mark is like "OHHHHHH" and then it's over. Ok, we can now LIVE here. hehe. It's broken in. Let's get on with life. Her mark is right next to the hub's butt mark. I swear, he fell last year and left a mark where his butt crack hit! I keep it there for prosperity, I suppose. giggle. The weird turn in the staircase has tripped just about everyone. I'm still waiting for the day I hit it cockeyed. I tell you, there will be more than just a scratch or butt mark if I fall. Everyone will have to hang on for the ride! hehe. And so, momma is fine. A sore shoulder now which I am treating with Advil and will keep an eye on her. The boys have been all over her. She just loves all the attention. Let's hope it doesn't give her any ideas. grin.

We had "bible" rain--as the boys call it--off and all today. Raining cats and dogs is what I call it. The schools closed early and the boys were excited about that. We were supposed to get some tornado warnings, but I believe they have passed, thank goodness. That's never any fun. The teenager had about ten of his friends over; he's grounded. He's allowed to have friends over but he's not allowed to go out anywhere. I know, I'm a pushover, but I would much rather them all be here and within eyesight. It was a compromise, I suppose. Gotta choose your battles carefully at this wonderful age of 17 going on 32.

Look at my pretty mums. My sweet friend and neighbor gave them to me in memory of Miss Bev. I have transplanted them and the rain has just about beat them down today. I want to put them in the ground but fear it's still too early. Hmmmmm. I know, I know, it is too early, but I am dying to get my hands in the soil!!

The hub is in Texas for the night. I have that whole bed to myself? It's funny, the first couple of nights in the king bed, we couldn't even see each other. Guess we were so used to hugging the sides, we continued to do so. Now we are inching closer to the middle and snuggling again. We are so enjoying the new mattress. What a difference. (I haven't even made the bed yet today! I get lazy when he leaves town, hehe.)


Cindy said...

I remember those days with my sweet Mother. She fell alot. It was so scary. I'm so glad that your Mom is okay!

Peggy said...

we are getting your rain and have warnings up for heavy winds and thunderstorms. I already bumped my freshly painted dining room wall today. I purchased a new curtain rod and was bring it in the back door when I hit the wall with it. The paint just got put on today. But thats just my luck. :)

Susie said...

I'm so glad to read your Mom didn't break anything in that fall.
I didn't realize Mum's bloomed in the spring. We see them more in the fall months here..
I wish we had room for a king size mattress, we always enjoy it when we stay in a hotel.

leeanne said...

rosa,ive been trying to find your email but couldnt so im sorry for writing this here. please delete after reading. i was looking at your other blogs and just wanted to let you know my fiance is a quad and has been for 10 yrs. he is probably one of the most inspiring people i know and if theres anything we can do to be of assistance or just anything let us know!! leeanne

Tammy said...

I'm so glad your Mama is OK!! Jiminy, I bet that scared you!!
I'm plotting my plantings in my head...haven't touched soil yet...that was so nice of your friend!
King sized bed...wish I had one but Hubby said they barely got my queen up the stairs...sigh!!

LisaOceandreamer said...

Oh Rosa I am so glad your mom is ok, I would have freaked out too. What a trooper she is and I'm sure she is enjoying all the extra attention. I think the laughing comes from a sense of relief.
I know what you mean about hammering in to the walls. When we repainted the kitchen and living room I felt so bad putting the first hole in...after awhile it was!!
oh, look for a parcel to come your way soon!

Linda said...

I have some stairs that for some reason blend into the rug below on the last step. I've had people miss the step, as I have, and one lady hit the wall with a loud thump. Maybe I should put some of those reflective things on the rug but that wouldn't look very good.

miss*R said...

I am so glad your mum is ok... and hey - to christen something here means an entirely different thing.. when I started reading, I thought omg where is she heading - hee, hee.. now getting my mind up out of the gutter ~

Connie said...

Oh I am so glad your mom is okay...My mom and I used to laugh at some of the most odd times. People used to think we were a little goofy but we enjoyed ourselves.

Try and stay dry with this crazy weather.

Take care,

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wow, your new paint looks great! I liked your story about marking the walls, ha, ha ;-P!
It's good to know that your mom didn't hurt herself :-)! Stairs can be really treacherous...
Here, we've also had "Bible" rain and winds for several days.

Beth said...

Oh my goodness,,your poor Mom. I know that scared the heck out of you. So thankful she is ok. Glad we missed those storms yesterday.



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