Sunday, March 25, 2007

Coming Along

First let me say that it has taken about two hours to get to this point of starting typing on this post. I tell you this, when we return this summer, my imac is coming with me. This laptop is for the birds! Grrrrr.

Okay, with that out of the way. . . sigh. The heathens--errr, teenagers-- left for home yesterday. They were barely out of the driveway before I began "disinfecting" their "areas." Ew. What slobs. I think I will put them all on the screened-in porch next time and let them use the hose for a shower. Since they made it home safely, I can now say I was happy to see them go. Isn't that horrible? My idea of Riverside is NOT cleaning up after the neanderthals. You should have seen the bath. There were hairs and grass and sand everywhere. It is now nice and sparkly! (We even went out and bought new toilet seats--which truly needed to be changed anyway--another ew. Guess that's a given with a used home, eh?)

The kid's room has come along nicely. We found some pieces tucked away in the back of a furniture store and they worked! My favorite parts of the room, though, are these fantastic lamps! They are by an artist in New Orleans named Paul Gruer. You can see more at I'm not going to spend the time to link it, sorry. Aren't they just the best?? Are you digging the hippy-dippy window treatments (beach towels)? Plantation shutters are going in here which will make the room.

The hub and kid are leaving today. I absolutely hate to see them leave. Pout. I am so tempted in letting the kid stay until I return on Wednesday but the hub has already said no. Pout, again. The hub has taken all the garbage out to the curb--which is quite an undertaking. With the beds arriving in boxes, you can imagine all the cardboard we have stacked up, not to mention lots of trash.

As soon as they leave, I am starting on momma's room. I can't wait to see the new paint in there. Fun. Since I have two extra gallons of each color, the kid's and nanna's, I may do the bathrooms too. We'll see how motivated I am.

More deliveries tomorrow. Mom's headboards come in and two bedside tables for our room. I've been using the stools from the kitchen for a table on my side of the bed. So pretty, hehe.

Well, it looks like the hub is in almost ready to help me move the stuff out of mom's room, so I best get going. Here's a new bouquet of fresh wisteria picked yesterday. I have never had one that bloomed, so you can only imagine how much I am enjoying it while it's blooming.

PS Don't know if I am liking this beta version. I still can't get the spell check to work. Please excuse the misspellings and extra letters (due to laptop keyboard). I will fix it later. Bear with me!)


Peggy said...

everything is looking beautiful! Such a talented lady. Enjoy the alone time and post more pictures please.

Shelley said...

It looks wonderful! When are you inviting us all to the open house? LOL


I'm loving all the black and white, the bathroom floor, the lamps, the bedding. It's looking wonderful.

John Ivey said...

Ever since I switched to the Google version, I have regretted it. I can sum it up into words. It sucks.

Beth said...

It sure is coming together there for you sweet Rosie. Hope to see you really soon! Love those Lamps too. You sure have great taste! Becareful on your way back. Its been really hot here this week-end, had to turn the air on today.
Talk to you soon my dear friend!!!

Anonymous said...

You are just pulling this house together so well. It is going to be ready for a magazine shot. I really love those lamps you found. You have such a good eye.


LisaOceandreamer said...

It all looks like a little slice of heaven and it's everything is so well appointed, you are a fine decorator. I absolutely LOVE the lamps. There is a woman in NY who was one of the decorators on Trading Spaces its firs season, who does THE most fabulous lamps. I only wish I could afford even one of hers. I will check on that site you posted.
Keep those photos coming, I'm loving this like looking at a great magazine!



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