Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spring has Sprung

I finally did a walk about this morning looking at the bloomings of the place. My tulips are in full force, some already come and gone since I've been away. I think this fall, I need to get my Tennessee Bulb Planters (the hub) to plant some more. He has always been so good at planting bulbs. He just digs, throws 'er in and covers 'er up. Me, I dig precisely what it says on the package, make sure the roots are down, throw in some bulb food and mix in some top soil with the old dirt then cover. His come out nicer. Mine sometimes don't come up at all. Therefore, he has titled his "process" TN Bulb Planters. So, remind me in the fall to get some more bulbs for him to "throw" in the soil. I always have good results from White Flower Farm's plants and bulbs. Their mixes are fabulous.

This is about how I'm feeling, tired and spent. These hedges were planted before I left. That, along with installing a sprinkler system so everything would grow. Do you think they turned the water system on? Nope. Now they're just about dead. I spoke with the owner this morning and his reply "I didn't know you were going away." Well, if he had returned any of my several phone calls, he would have known. Geesh. Now, he's going to have to replace them all, at no expense to me, thank you very much. Every time I use these people, I say it's going to be the last. This is the last, a promise to myself.

And with the withered old dried stuff comes new growth. These are my hydrangea. There's that lovely spring green again. So refreshing. I always look so forward to seeing the new sprouts each spring as these are some of my favorite plants and flowers. They came with the house and they are very happy where they are planted. I didn't have as much luck with mine in Virginia. Maybe that's because I never cut them back in the early winter. Hmmmm. Ya think?

I took mom out to lunch, got her hair washed and cut. She doesn't seem to wash her hair at home any more so I am now taking her to the salon--a little TLC. Who doesn't love having their hair washed and massaged? Then we had lunch and came home where I put her in the shower and got her "shiny as a new penny." (That's was one of her little sayings when I was growing up.) I changed her bed clothes so she is all cleaned up and fresh. She did very well while we were away. The kid said she was so alert when they arrived home on Sunday. As I've said before, I think it does her well when we leave for a bit. She relies on me so much that it makes her "do" for herself every once in a while. Keeps her mind working. She said before we left "I was afraid at first, but I told myself, I can do it" (meaning she can stay by herself). That just tugged at my heart strings. It must be so difficult aging like that. Of course, I had our friend come in every day and give her her medicine and take her to lunch or breakfast. She enjoyed that. A fresh face, rather than the old haggard one (me!). hehe.

I'm feeling so tired and unmotivated today. If I could, I would just crawl back into bed. It's always the day after that just tires me out from a trip. I've sorted through the mail but have yet to do anything with what needs to be addressed. I got back to some of my emails which I had not looked at since leaving but not many. Geesh, can I get any more junk mail--in both forms?

A little package was in with all that junk, thank goodness. I needed a little pick-me-up. Sweet Ms*Robyn sent me a doll, a tag and a lovely inspiring card. She is so sweet. This is just what the doctor ordered. Thank you Robyn. You came through when I needed it! Secretly, I envied all that had received her dolls; and now I have one of my own. I can't tell you how much I love her! Just lovely.

The clouds are rolling in and I have a headache forming to prove that we will probably have thunderstorms this afternoon. I wish we would get the rain we need and hope stays for days. That's about what I need right now. For some reason, the rain can motivate me as much as the sun. Perhaps a little rain dance is in order?

Still have to head to the grocer's to stock up here at home. Guess I better get going before the natives get restless. (The hub is in China, so that helps with dinners. Can you say hot dogs???!)


Peggy said...

I am with you Rosa. I just wanted to crawl back in bed this morning. Don't know where my energy went but it sure has gone somewhere. Hope you have a great weekend!

Janet said...

You never fail to make me laugh at least once while reading your blog.
I love your tulips, and the TN Bulb Planter sounds like what I would do only mine would most likely die!!
Love love love the doll from Robyn!! She is the sweetest person and her art is always so full of love.
And yes, I can say hotdog but I'd rather say SmartDog (they're soy dogs!!)

weirdbunny said...

How wonderful to have a package with such a wonderful doll waiting for you when you got back in.

I love your tulips tose purply ones are beautiful.

Shop girl said...

pretty, pretty PRETTY....and the doll is such a sweet gift...Happy spring. We all have day's when it would be so good too just stay in bed, but there are so many reasons to get up...Here's to getting up!

Dianne said...

Ro, how I miss seeing the tulips. We're supposed to get snow next week. It's making me crazy. You'll have to visit my blog to see my latest genius act. Gads.

You're a good daughter.

Vallen said...

The hydranges here are also just bursting forth. Where last week there was just a little tiny bit of green, today the branches are totally filled. Your tulips are magnificent!!

PEA said...

Glad to hear your mom was doing well when you got back...she'll love her room at Riverside, I just know it!! You really did a fantastic job decorating it, Rosa! Your Spring flowers are just so gorgeous...mine are just starting to come out of the ground now! Beautiful pictures as always:-) Have a wonderful weekend my friend...I'm off to the Sugar Bush!! xox

LisaOceandreamer said...

Hydrangea are my favorite flowers and do you think I have any growing no. I need a constant gardener/landscaper person - maybe when I win that lottery.
Your plants all look so lovely.
Glad your mom did so well while you were away - you are a good daughter taking her to lunch and getting her all shiny like a new penny!
I cannot believe how many places your hub travels to - wow!!

cityfarmer said...

Hey now, hot dog does not = salad

"Early Bird" said...

Your tulips are so very colorful and lovely!
I hope you get to feeling better than those bushes look...the gift from Robyn must have helped some!



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