Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ahhhhh, Spring is in the Air

My cold is all but dried up, thank goodness. We actually got some things done around the outside of the house today. It is the first day I walked about to see what was blooming. Guess I've been so busy with other things, I haven't been outside much.

The croci have pretty much come and gone. This was the lone one left. My hyacinths and grape hyacinths are in full bloom. The hub said he could smell them, guess my nose is still a little off.

I cleaned off the front porch which was still laden with an abundance of dead mums I had yet to throw away. I then had to sweep all the dead limbs that fell off as I shoved them into a bag. The chairs and rockers were wiped clean and I even filled the fountain with water.

We scattered a weed preventive around the mulch in order to stay ahead of that. We're supposed to get rain tonight. The boys cleaned out the back yard and made it prettier for mom. She doesn't get out there as much as she used to. I hope the warm weather will change that. The winds had really thrown things about in the past month. We even had to screw the flag pole holder back into the front post. The screws had been pulled out of the woodwork. (The side one broke completely off!)

I am happy to announce the pansy flag is flying high and proud. The front porch is now presentable enough for us to rock in the mornings with a cuppa.

The hub and I went out for dinner tonight to celebrate our 20th. We went to a local little restaurant that we had been to many times for cocktails and appetizers but never for dinner. It was a delightful time. I felt like two old people. We arrived there around 5:45 in order to beat the rush. hehe. Guess that's what we are now. Just an old married couple. Aren't we fortunate.

I continue to gather items to take to the house on the river. Look at his cute little magnetic note holder I found. Love it! (That's a little lamb soap at the top.) Yep, packed up to take down south. The thought of starting fresh is mind boggling. It's been a long time since I've had to buy a cork screw and pots and pans, etc. We received the keys in the post today. Yoooo hooooo! I guess that makes if official, eh?

I'll leave you with one more pretty daffodil. Aren't they just delightful?


Shop girl said...

I loved seeing your spring flowers. Mine should be soon. We had a very cold long winter and so we get our flowers alittle later than some do. I do have spring fever and your blog is a breath of fresh air. Come visit me when you get a minute. Mary (Idaho)

Susie said...

Love your beautiful touches of spring!
Glad your cold is better!!
You've got a big (but fun)job outfitting the river house.
We went through that with our RV trying to remember everything.
Thanks for the prayers for Grandpa. He's much more stable now..

Anonymous said...

You are way ahead of us on your blooming flowers. Oh my they are so lovely.

Glad you are feeling better my friend.


Peggy said...

So glad you are feeling better! Hello springtime and hope you are going to stick around for a while.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Here it's exactly the same; everything's in bloom! I love your flowers!

ann said...

happy 20th! i can't believe that it's been so long. feels just like yesterday...

PEA said...

Ooooh your Spring flowers are just glorious!! We still have tons of snow and cold temps so I won't be seeing any Spring flowers around here until at least April or May! Sigh. So happy to hear that you're feeling much better. It's a big job furnishing everything for the riverhouse but oh what fun:-) xoxo

Tammy said...

The last daffodil is so pretty and lacy it!!
I crave seeing one in our landscape soon!! May be was last year...sigh!!

Shop girl said...

Thank you for coming to see me...yes, this is a ATC, I am trying to find away to work on such a little space. I see others that make it look so easy...I am working on it. I hope you come see me again and again. Happy Sunday, Mary

weirdbunny said...

Daffodils are Wales's national flower. I'm so glad that it's a daffodil, I mean you just can't get a happier looking flower!

Beth said...

Aren't spring flowers so wonderful? They sure make me smile.

Shelley said...

Beautiful!! We also have daffodils everywhere in our town...and the fruit tress are in blossom. My nose knew it before my eyes did. Its lovely.

paris parfait said...

The spring flowers are beautiful! And I've got lots of your posts to catch up on.



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