Monday, March 05, 2007

Dinner for the Ill

The hub brought home some chicken soup and jambon au fromage for my dinner tonight, the good man he is. I am hoping the chicken soup does the trick because the cold has kicked into full gear. I dread going to bed. I know what's ahead. A night of drainage in unseen proportions. I've already gone through half a box of tissues (all I had) so the poor hub is having to get more. Yuk. That's about how I feel and look.

I'm thankful it waited until this week to hit me between the eyes. Last week would have been disastrous! Who had time to get sick?


cityfarmer said...

Oooh such a warm and cozy "sick" lunch

Get well and carry on


I hope you are feeling better soon. My son is home with strep. I hope it doesn't run through the rest of our households.

Anonymous said...

feel better soon!

Janet said...

How nice of your hubby to take care of you. I'm sorry you're feeling yukky and hope you get better soon.

LisaOceandreamer said...

Oh you poor thing...snuffling and trying to breath with dripping? never a good way to feel. I hope the chicken soup helped and a wee bit of pampering by the hub is always a good thing. Breathe in some steam, plenty of liquids, lots of rest and just maybe a hot toddy (and I don't mean a guy named Todd)LOL!
You've had so much going on lately I think your body said "ok, now you're going to get a cold so you WILL stop and rest".
Take care of yourself.

Tammy said...

That soup looks good...I have no idea what jambon au fromage is but it kinda looks like a ham sandrich??
PS...I hope it helped you to feel better!!

FarmgirlCyn said...

They say (who is they, I wonder??) that chicken soup really IS good for a cold! Hoping you are much better today.



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