Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Peeping Toad

Ok, I know this isn't a toad, but that title sure did sound good, didn't it? This little fella was on my bedroom window last night when I came up to go to bed. At first I thought it was a moth until I took a little closer look. Can you see the big fat spider he's admiring for dinner? Ew.

This morning I was awoken by Reese, the neighborhood dog. When the kid and I arrived here, we were greeted by Reese, welcoming us to the neighborhood. She made herself at home and watched carefully as we carried the contents of the van in. She is the sweetest dog ever. She's a chocolate lab and I have pictures of her on the hub's laptop which I will share with you later. Anyway, she has discovered how to push open the screen door to the porch and let herself in. This morning, I thought I heard it trying to be opened (I put the latch on at night when I'm alone) but I then quickly dismissed it in my slumber. Then, I heard a dog barking and barking and barking. I looked out and it was Reese! She was looking up at the house telling me to let her in! I cracked up. Of course, I just crawled back into bed.

It's overcast today. This is the first day we haven't had full sunshine. I know, like home, we need the rain here, so I'm hoping it rains today. Not tomorrow, mind you, I have to drive home. That would be a long drive in the rain. This is a shot of our master bedroom nook. (Don't you love the green??? Yuk.) This is where the sun rises each morning and wakes me up. Who said shutters??!!! I want to add French doors across here where it breaks away from the room, and this is where the hub is going to write the next great American novel. (Who could not be inspired by this view?) He'll be the next Tom Clancy. (I say that only because he lives near the Chesapeake Bay). The hub loves all the writers that seem to congregate here in Fairhope. That has always been his dream, to write. I hope Riverside inspires him to do so.

Well, I'm off to do my last day of chores. I have switched out the smoke detectors with new ones, except the one in mom's room which, for some reason, doesn't have a breaker that turns the power off there. I'm in search of that today. I have added door stoppers on all the doors that bang against walls and glass windows, added a toilet paper holder that was just never there (odd?), changed the shower head in our bath--well, I'm giong to anyway, added hooks in the hall closet, etc. These are the little things that seemed to be missing from Riverside. (Except the shower head--the old one just kind of spits out water at an enormously slow rate.) Funny the things we take for granted. Ciao.


Peggy said...

Have a safe trip home.

Dianne said...

What a slice of heaven. Drive carefully. I'm sure the kids are missing the chief cook and bottle washer.

Janet said...

Have a safe ride home. I love your little piece of paradise. I'll be watching for that novel your hub will write....I'll be able to say, "I know his wife!!"

LisaOceandreamer said...

Everything about Riverside appeals to me but one aspect....critters. Especially spiders and crawly things.(ok, I'm a wimp)
Be safe driving home!!

see you there! said...

I don't post often but I've been enjoying your story about Riverside. It looks like such a beautifully restful place.

Hope your drive home goes smoothly for you and the rain holds off a bit.


Beth said...

What a great view! And definetly shutters when you want to sleep in. I know the hub will write his greatest novel there. Can't wait to see what all you do to Riverside. I sure hope you made it home ok today. It was really rainy here but we sure did need it. Call me sometime after you get rested up! Missed you alot!!!



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