Sunday, March 04, 2007


Well, it finally caught up with me--a head cold. I've felt it coming on since Friday night and have tried to fight it off with my herbs and vitamins but to no avail. I was due, I admit. I've dodged more than my share of sickness this season. I'm staying in today and will just let it run its course.

Fairhope Pier and Casino
(Click to see more vintage photos.)

The hub found a great write up on Fairhope on Wikipedia. My bit of trivia today is:

"Fairhope Avenue" was one of the properties on the 1910 version of the board game "The Landlord's Game". Today this game is known as "Monopoly".
We are just giddy with excitement, to say the least! I think it is slowly sinking in. It took us 8 months to close on this house, but it is finally done. You all are coming up with some wonderful names! Thank you. We will decide next week and I'll let you know. Thank you for sharing in our excitement. Really.


lila said...

How about using the word "Nest" in the name of your new river house/ and maybe combine it with a waterbird from the area..."Egret's Nest" for example, or just call it "Marsh Nest".

You have a lot to enjoy this spring...
your newly decorated areas and your new 2nd home!

Shelley said...

I hope you get better soon, Rosie! Get out the juice!

PEA said...

Ah you poor thing, hope that cold doesn't have you in its grip for too long!! As you say, sometimes you can do everything to avoid it but it still gets you! I just read the write up on that link you such history behind that little community! Look at the notable residents too!! I'm just so very excited for you and your family:-) xox

Vallen said...

Love, love, love Fairhope, Alabama. We had a lovely Sunday dinner there and shopped in an old time department store. A lovely place.

Shop girl said...

Sounds like you have been ill, hope you are all better.
I love the pictures of Fairhope, Alabama. I just love old pictures and these are so fun...thank you for the trip to your town. I will have to think about sending some of Nampa, Idaho.



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