Thursday, March 22, 2007


It's been a busy week. But it's all worth it. Riverside is everything we were looking for and more. Even with all the busy work, it is still relaxing to be here. I admit, I am finding it hard to settle down with all all I want to do with the place. That will come in time. The boys, however, have had no problem at all sliding into the relaxing mode. The hub, unfortunately, had to fly out on Wednesday for biz and will return on Friday. He says he already misses the place.

Yesterday, I found this old wisteria vine blooming on the property. I can't tell you how luscious it smells in the kitchen. This is the view off the back of the house. I am enjoying hearing the birds, even woodpeckers across the river, as they flitter about in the spring air. This morning I noticed a little lizard walking about the outside (thank goodness) of the screen bulging his pink balloon neck. Guess love is in the air. We have had a school of porpoise swim by and were greeted by a pelican resting on an old piling across the way. How exciting.

I've been busy having various tradesmen in and out. Got the cable hooked up the first day we were here--knew that was important to the younger folks. The kid and I ran out before the hub and teenager arrived and purchased a refrigerator, washer and dryer. Even had it delivered within the hour! Aw, small-town service. (I received a call from Sears the next day asking me to read the numbers off the fridge. When I did, the lady said they had made a terrible mistake. I had purchased a $1500 fridge at $700! Well that paid for the washer and dryer! Good deal baby!) I have a guy building us a ramp for the hub's mother (and us!) on the side of the house. The steps here are quite steep and I worry about anyone falling down them, even my mom. He gets started today. I've also had a window lady come in and she will be installing plantation shutters on most of the windows. The master bedroom is awakened with the sunrise every morning. The previous owners, as noted before, left nothing on any of the windows. Literally ripped the treatments and hardware out of the wall. Gee, thanks. She even took the door knocker and didn't replace it with anything! Oh, and the doorbell doesn't work, so I've put a little note out there to knock! hehe. Gee whiz. Another "grrrrrrr," she didn't leave us a phone book either. I've had to literally look things up on the computer--which isn't always great or run around town looking for things. Oh well. Such is life.

I painted the kid's room. The pink didn't look too bad when there was furniture in it, but once we arrived to an empty room, I could tell right away, it wasn't going to work. (Of course, the hub had the before and after shots on his computer--I am working on the communal "dog" of a laptop. It is soooo slow. I have had to upgrade all the programs on it since no one else seems to see a need to do so and move my blog to beta--yes, finally I had no choice but to do so. They had me over a barrel. I hope to get to mom's room tomorrow and get it a lighter shade of yellow. You know how paint just starts to look old? It's at that stage. I would love to have the whole place done, but one step at a time. You can see here, the cantaloupe color is a tad outdated. I can definitely live with it though. smile. I ordered a huge sofa to put in here that has a chaise lounge attached so it will sleep two comfortably. Perhaps when that arrives, our next trip down, it will then be time to paint. We'll see how that goes.

We ran into town yesterday and here is a shot of a local artists' "pelican" that are on each street corner. I have more (again, on the hub's laptop) that I will share later. Such a pretty little town.

Well, I better run. The carpenter is on his way to get started on the ramp. Will keep you posted how that goes.



Mrs. Staggs said...

Wisteria is one of my most favorite flowers and scents in all the world! Mine usually blooms in late April and scents the whole back garden. I can hardly wait!
Your new home is lovely. I think plantation shutters are the perfect choice for the windows too.
Too bad about the doorknocker and all. Here where we live, people have to have it written into the contract if they are going to remove such things from a home when they sell it. Even plants. Want to take the rosebush that was your grandmothers? You have to write it into the contract. That way everyone knows what's up and there is accountability. Anyhow, everything's looking wonderful and I'm so happy for you, that you've found this lovely retreat.
Best wishes!

PEA said...

Only one question...can I move in with you??? lol Oh Rosa, it looks so beautiful and look at that scenery you get to see out the!! Once you've got everything the way you want it, it will be quite the retreat for all of you. Loved all the pictures!! xox


Trying not to be envious. Congratulations on your new retreat home.

Peggy said...

Will you adopt me?? It looks so lovely and peaceful there.

AnnieElf said...

Omg, Rose, I'm just dying of envy. yes, ENVY. Arghhhh. Your new world sounds and looks beyond wonderful. Where is it anyway? You probably have mentioned it in posts but my gray matter has turned white. Enjoy the serenity for all of us.
Hugs, Annie
p.s. Curmugeonly prior owner will probably be missed by no one.

Leigh Ann said...

It is your little slice of heaven. Thanks for sharing it with us. I can smell it, see it, feel it. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

Cheers, LA

cityfarmer said...

Oh my!!!!

Tammy said...

what a beautiful, peaceful looking place...I'm sure you enjoy it very much!

Beth said...

Well my goodness it sure is looking very 'Rosie" there !!! I sure have missed you alot!! Wish I could have seen you this week. Mom won $5000 in Tunica this past week-end,,I hope your having a fun time even if you are so busy!!

Motherkitty said...

Your river house looks fabulous, even with "dated" paint. The crown moldings and fireplace are great and really put that HGTV touch to each room.

Love the view of the river. I'm sure you and the family will spend many years in comfort and joy at this retreat. Is the river saltwater or fresh? And, do you have a boat yet? Don't you wish you could live there year-round?

Connie said...

I promise I won't be any trouble...Will bring my Barbie sleeping bag. Hey we could have a blog sleeping party at your house.

Everything is just beautiful.


Shop girl said...

Your house looks so cozy. A real retreat. Home is where you fill the walls with love, and it looks like you have alot of love.
Mary (Idaho)

paris parfait said...

It all looks so beautiful! You lucky, lucky girl! xo

Linda said...

Everything looks really great. I will be there any time now. I hope you've got my room painted.

LisaOceandreamer said...

I can paint! ...and, uh, I even have a pink suede tool belt(you know, to hold paint brushes and a hammer), and um, I could help you hang things and help move furniture around and uh, I don't cook much but I'd make your coffee every morning and clean up. I get along with kids and I'm a good house guest. I'd even bring my own pillow and a sleeping bag...oh to be at Riverside looking out on to the river. Did I mention I know how to paint, I can even help hang curtain rods. Ok, I'm done.
I LOVE this house.... and that wisteria looks so all seems SO peaceful.

Shelley said...

I am ready for a weekend at your new digs. Wow..Rosemary..How pretty.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Your new house is magnificent and the view you have when looking out is awesome!!! And that kitchen! I'm jealous ;-P...

I'm sure that "Riverside" is a peaceful place where it feels good to relax and resource yourself.

Dianne said...

Ro, it looks like paradise. Won't you have trouble returning to Franklin? It's just beautiful, a slice of heaven and I'm insanely jealous. It is truly wonderful.

Susie said...

What a delightful, peaceful getaway retreat! That wisteria is so gorgeous and the view of the river is one of which you'll never tire!

see you there! said...

Have been reading and enjoying your tales of finding and moving into your retreat.

Having gone through the same process almost two years ago, it brings back lots of memories.

I just returned from the mountains where we have our own retreat. We certainly enjoy having a get a way place and I'm sure you will too.

Your views are lovely.


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Diana said...

I would love to go to Riverside!

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