Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Little Art

Artwork by Nancy Raia

Just looking around the web tonight and came upon this artist in Fairhope. I'm going to look up her work when I get there. Is this not gorgeous? Wouldn't it look grand in the new house?! hehe.

Just so happens the weekend we arrive, the Arts & Crafts Festival will be going on! Yahoo. It's calling my name baby!

Maybe the Art Center will have some classes for me this summer!! Can you tell, it's starting to sink in???


Beth said...

I can see you now at the Arts & Crafts festival, better take lots of pics if you can. I know you will have a blast. That new house is going to be wonderful!

Tammy said...

sounds like it was all "meant to be" my friend!!

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

gorgeous painting!!

Connie said...

Very fun painting. Oh I think it is meant to be for you to partake in the festival. Buy lots of goodies and take lots of pictures.


PEA said...

They must have known you were coming! lol Ohhh how very lucky that you'll be able to go to the Art & Craft Fair...wish I could go with you!! xox

Shelley said...

Sounds great. Maybe they had it just for you!! Are you making your pretty easter eggs this year?

Vanessa said...

What goodness is waiting for you in the new world!!!Oh yes, get the art!!! get it!!

Lee-ann said...

Hello Rosa my gosh I have missed such a lot of your great posts that I have just sat here and read several of them enjoying them all.

The art is lovely and the colours looks so warm.

Enjoy the art and craft show and yes I would also love to see a lot of photos.

Your spring photos of the daffodils and other bulbs just took my breath away to think they are up and flowing already and you must know I LOVE DAFFODILS lots so enjoyed the photos.

I promise not to take this long to visit your blog again as I miss so much and enjoy it a lot.


Jeanie said...

I'm new to your blog, but not your work (through the ATC_Group). With so many links from other blog pals like Beth and Shelley, I had to check it out and I'm glad I did. Love your fun poem/songs and everything else I saw! Have fun at the fest!

Leigh Ann said...

See, they knew you'd be in town!

Love the painting.

Cheers! LA



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