Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More Than a Few Deep Breaths

These past seven days of working on getting the closing done on the Riverhouse has been trying, to say the least. I can't describe it as stressful but more infuriating. To tell you we have been dealing with the utmost of incompetence is an understatement. I have had to literally do people's work for them in order to get this closing done. I am amazed at those who are hired to handle real estate transactions, right from the agent, the banks, the insurance companies, the title companies, and so on.

Honey, if we had a couple of days to sit and chat, you too would be amazed with how this deal transpired. Oh, and it's not done yet. We don't close until Friday, God willing.


Beth said...

Bless your heart,,I sure hope it goes through tomorrow. Mom and I are planning a trip to Tunica on St. Paddy's day, its on a saturday. Staying over night,,its fun there on St.Paddys day. I am off for spring break the week after. If you wanna go with us let me know. If you don't,,then at least maybe you could come out and do some art with us that week. Miss U terribly. Take care today,,suppose to be a nasty day weather wise!!!

Tammy said...

Hope it is all done soon for you friend!!



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