Saturday, February 24, 2007

Paint's Drying

I am so glad to get the painting finished. They finally finished today. Since I messed up the date they were coming (was supposed to be Monday), it took them three days to finish the hall ways, foyers and doors/trim. It sure looks nice though. Tomorrow we begin putting everything back and I will take some photos. It's sure stinky though. Oil paint is the worst. I thought the floors were bad, but this lingers even longer. Again with my lampe bergers burning and candles everywhere. Pee-ew.

Yesterday was spent all day, literally, working out the logistics of closing on our "Riverhouse." I suppose since Ivan and Katrina hit the Alabama Gulf coast pretty hard, insurance is a pain in the rump to get going; and let me tell you, no bank is going to give you a mortgage unless the insurance is in place. We were told, several times, that everything had been done on the insurance. Come to find out, nothing had been done. We're supposed to close, now, on Wednesday. This is the THIRD closing date on this house. I have a feeling if this one comes and goes, we may have to say bye-bye to this house. I feel so bad for the seller at this point. It has been utterly ridiculous. It's amazing the hand holding that has to go on in real estate. If you don't stay on top of everyone, things get lost in the cracks. It is amazing to me. Each time we buy a house, it gets worse than the last. I can't figure it out, myself. Grrrrrr.

These are postcards I made for a swap I'm doing. The top one is van Gogh, needless to say. I wish I had scanned the back of it. Hmmmm, what was I thinking? I wasn't, obviously, as usual. I put this letter with illustration (left) Vincent had written to his brother Theo on the back of the postcard. They are always so much fun to make. I need to make more, but I have been so busy with the house(s), I haven't had much time to do much more. I will be happy when everything is said and done in regards to the home.

We're having thunder storms tonight. I was taking a shower and saw a flash of light and thought, "Hmm, is someone taking a picture?" Ew. What a thought. Nope, it was lightening and then came the thunder. How fun.


Janet said...

Gotta watch out for those flashbulbs in the shower!! The papparazzi are everywhere!
I know what you mean about buying a house and all the hand holding etc. I'm really not looking forward to that part of things when we sell this house.
Love your postcards.

miss*R said...

did you know if you cut an onion in half and put them in the room, overnight, they will absorb paint smells? it works!

we have had some amazing storms here too - yesterday in my area - 165 lightning hits, thankfully I had pulled my computer out..

ps - my hippy swap closes soon, are you interested?

Peggy said...

Wish my painting was done and everything was going back where it belonged. I am so tired of the mess here.

FarmgirlCyn said...

Rosa...You simply cannot believe the trouble we are having selling a house on the gulf side of Florida! I inherited the house after my dad died in March, sold it in Sept., and STILL have not closed! The mortgage co is asking for outrageous things, and we sit patiently here in MI while our realtor in FL tries to jump all their hoops. We have had closing dates postponed 8 times now, with no real end in sight. It is a buyers market down there, for sure. Hope for the best on yours. It is a real trial to go thru all this, I know!

Beth said...

Love those post cards,,so fun! Now was that you on the one of the right? Kind of looks like you,,that pretty smile! Hey,,my electricity went out last night,,right when I was making a 4 x 4 chunky page,,had to finish it with a flashlight,,lol. Glad we didn't have any tornadoes,huh?
Miss ya Rosie,,lotz!

lila said...

'Love your Van Gogh postcard and the quilt on your bedroom wall!

Anonymous said...

That is why I take long hot one is going to sneak up and take a picture of me in the shower. Darn photographers just won't let you have a minute of

I hate for the storms to start. I am a little chicken.


AnnieElf said...

Do you know who ended up with the postcard? They could scan it maybe and send it to you??????

PEA said...

So, the paparazzi found you too eh? LOL I just love those postcards you made!! Glad to hear the painting is now all done...must look like you have a brand new house now:-) Can't wait to see the pictures! xox

cityfarmer said...

Can't wait for thunderstorms on our porch

LisaOceandreamer said...

Peep show eh? Doggone those photogs that hide in the strangest places. I think I will shower fully clothed just in case...oh what a tabloid story THAT would make. lol!
Love your post cards! I'm not sure what the Riverhouse is all about but it sure sounds like it's become tangled up, I hope it gets sorted and that you don't have to worry about that too.



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