Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Finally Figured It Out

I am so tired of not being able to access some blogs. I sat and pondered today--painters here, not able to do much else. Why am I able to get on some blogs and not others? What was the difference? What has changed? Beta, I guess. So, I carefully studied the addies I was able to access and compared them with the ones I wasn't. The difference? The backslash at the end. The ones that had more than one backslash from my link wouldn't go through. If there was one or less, it went through fine. Now why Beta would have changed my being able to access only the ones with one backslash makes no sense to me. But, then again, I don't understand all this geek stuff anyway.

At any rate, I have gone through my template and changed all my links and deleted all backslashes in my links' addresses. Voila. They all work fine now. Go figure.

Now, I think I need to spend a week catching up with everyone.


PEA said...

Yeaaaaaaa you!!! lol I'm so glad you finally figured out what was going on. To think that one simple little backslash was causing you all that misery! Sheesh! xoxo

paris parfait said...

Blogger is so temperamental, I'm always amazed if it works!

miss*R said...

Dear Rosa,

trying to work blogger out is like trying to work menopause out ... it can't be done :) hee hee

love Miss*R xoxo



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