Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Good Recipe Gone Horribly Wrong

So much for chicken etouffee for dinner. I got snagged on one ingredient. Too bad the hub walked in after I had added "stout" instead of dark ale. Hmmmm. It would have all been ok.

It all started out fine and dandy. Got the chicken seared and roux cooked to a beautiful brown. Added all the other ingredients and wasn't quite sure on the beer part. Not a beer drinker. We had a Heineken and a Murphy's Stout. The recipe called for a dark lager or amber beer. I did a toss and the stout came up. Wrong choice, the hub says. I tasted it and it wasn't quite right. The hub walked in just as I was questioning the taste. Quizzical look still on face. He tasted it. Not quite right. No use wasting good chicken. Grrrrrrr.

Don't you hate when that happens? All that time and effort being thrown out, going down the drain. Yuk. It really wasn't tasty at all. Ew.

Oh well, ah-yeee. (I'd never make a good Cajun with my accent--or lack thereof)! Happy mardi gras, Emeril! I'm going to Puck's!


weirdbunny said...

Oh no, what a disaster, I would have cried !!

Beth said...

Well at least you tried, and known you know,,NO STOUT for that recipe. How you doing girl? Haven't heard from you all week. You must be really busy! Miss Ya!!


I hate it when that happens. You went to so much work too. Sigh.

Janet said...

Don't feel bad....every time I go into the kitchen it's a recipe gone bad! I hate to cook and it shows every time!

PEA said...

Yup, I've had that happen to me a few times...looks so good but tastes awful! lol What a shame your dinner was ruined...it did LOOK good though! lol Hugs xoxo

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That's very frustrating! I hate it when dishes go all wrong. A pity...

Anonymous said...

That has so happened to me and it is just depressing. I hate to waste food but right in the can it goes. Luckily it hasn't happened when my family was coming over or they would tease me terribly.lol

Hope you had a fun time out!

Take care,

Tammy said...

I tried to make Chicken sausage gumbo and burned the stinkin' (literally) roux!!!
Down the drain it went...

MarkMcL said...

I too would have gone for the stout. A bit darker than amber but found in other recipes. Now culinary disasters that *would* make an interesting theme. Hmmm!
MarkMcL (aka Mr English).



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