Monday, February 05, 2007

Robin Migration

The robins arrived yesterday enroute North, I suppose. With the weather as strange as it's been, I wonder how they know when it's time to head back? I admit, they are early this year. They didn't arrive last year until February 22, see last year's post.

Another difference this year is that they are feasting across the street on the holly bushes in Dianne's old yard rather than our large four on the side of our house. I wonder if the smoke smell is getting to them too? (I got the same smell at the same time last night. It has to be someone burning a fireplace upwind from us. That's all I can figure and hope. It's just that if I knew that were the case, I could actually enjoy the smell. We don't have a wood-burning fireplace and I rather like the smell--unless, that is, I think it's my house burning.)


FarmgirlCyn said...

If they knew what was ahead of them, I think they'd turn around and head back south for a few more weeks! We have had blizzard conditions for several days now, with the roads one big sheet of ice!

Mrs. Staggs said...

What a terrrible bit of excitement that you've had! I'm glad that the smoke turned out to be nothing you needed to worry about any longer. The same thing happened to my neighbor...only it was her sweet lab, Bodie who smelled it and made a big deal 'til she called 911. Her's turned out to be an electrical fire at the fuse box. It was caught before it became dangerous. Thank goodness for good noses! Oh gosh, not that I'm comparing you with a dog my dear! Although you would love Bodie. Everyone does, even people who aren't dog people.
I saw tons of Robins eating worms while walking around the lake last week. Everything is early here this year. Birds and plants.
I love this background! I'm not sure if my new one is working well for people. It might be slowing things down too much? It made my bandwidth go up too. I was so pleased when I learned how to change it, then I had to learn how to host it somewhere else! That's helped. Hopefully enough.
Hope you get some rest!
Ok, now that I've written a novelette, I'll go now. Hope you have a good day!

Carlie said...

Thanks for the warm post about my little box. I'm so glad you liked it! Ru loved the little stuffed dog by the way and hauled t around all day the next day. I can't believe you got it in a thrift store...those places are gold mines. Its so cute!

I wanted to ask you, also, what other swaps do you do? I'd like to do some more, but Lily and Agathe is the only ome I know of besides

Susie said...

It must be an early spring coming! We've had tons of birds in our yard too, but I think they're sparrows and doves.
We need more rain to make our spring flowers grow though!

Tammy said...

Well...I think you just cleared up a mystery for!!
I was visiting at Dianne's today and looked up her name and book...wrote her with a few questions...I hope she doen't think I'm a!!

Peggy said...

no robins here yet. The cardinals are everywhere today. Enjoy the smell since your handsome firemen said it was safe. *grin*

PEA said...

Robins don't arrive here until at least soon as we hear the first one, we know that Spring has finally arrived:-)Hugs xox

LisaOceandreamer said...

I love the smell of a fire burning in a fireplace...we don't have one and every winter I wish for one....but then every summer I wish for a pool. NO ONE seems to be listening!!

Beth said...

I saw some Robins a few weeks ago when it was warm,,but they must have went on down south(to Franklin?) My cardinals are bringing in kin from all over the state,,lol.



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