Saturday, February 03, 2007

Vintage Swap

I received this from Mrs. C. over at Botanyhead. What a lovely surprise it was to get the knock at the door from the maillady. This was the first swap through the Lily and Agathe Swap that I had signed up for. What a delight. Ooooh, just look how it matches perfectly the guest room vanity. Don't you agree? Mrs. C., you are a great swapper! I am loving everything. Think I may have to sneak a bath in with some of the little soap enclosed and a drop or two of the rosewater. It smells delightful! Thank you!!

Looking at her blog of her little baby boy brings back so many memories of when the teenager was that age. What a delightful age. Eyes so big of wonder and joy, can't help but make the heart swell. I told her to enjoy every moment, as if she doesn't. I can tell she is head-over-heals in love with new motherhood. What a joy.


PEA said...

Oh very nice swap goodies indeed!! I enlarged the picture to see everything up close and it's all just gorgeous!! Hugs xox

Anonymous said...

I got in this swap too! Very exciting. I already signed up for the Vintage Cooking.

You received just a lovely gift. That is certainly something to make you feel special. I agree that Mrs. C. is a wonderful swapper.


miss*R said...

what a fun swap - you certainly are a mad, keen swapper. Watch for my pure & simply WHITE swap coming up soon!

Mrs. Staggs said...

It all looks so lovely together. I love those pink foxgloves. They are my husband's favorite flower.
Those light switchplates are so pretty. I'm becoming excited about your "new" room too!



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