Thursday, February 01, 2007

Awwwww, Coffee

You'd think a grown woman would know her limit on coffee. Not me. I've had two HUGE cups today (as in carry-out coffee shop sized cups--you know the ones). Probably one over my limit. I'm buzzing around trying to do things and getting absolutely nothing done. Just spinning my wheels.

Today was so much fun. Met up with Beth and Lottie for a shopping spree at Hobby Lobby and a Mexican lunch. (Warning: Do not shop with friends. You talk to much and hit way too many isles without thinking about it. It all adds up, literally, in the end!) hehe. I stocked up on more stuff I really didn't need but in order to do some valentine ATCs. We had the best time gabbing and walking down the isles. Too bad lunch (after 2 p.m.!) was cut short by my having to be home to get the teenager to work by 3:30. His "new" car is still in the shop, so it's back to Mom's Taxi Service. Too bad we never get paid like real taxi's do. I think someone should come up with one of those meters to put in your car. That may limit the running around we have to do, ya think? Anyhoo, as I said, it was SO much fun seeing Beth and Lottie. We just giggle and gab, gab and giggle.

We did NOT get the snow promised to us last night, but we were off school. At first, Williamson County schools were delayed two hours. Then, at that time, they called back and said they decided to close. They woke me up twice telling me this! Grrrrrr. Sleeping downstairs from the kids is a pain. I have to go ALL the way upstairs to tell them about the happenings of the school system. Now I remember why I never wanted the master bedroom on the main floor with the kids' rooms upstairs! Aha! I think that's the new trend in new homes. I think it's for the birds. I want to know what my kids are doing! hehe. They say we may get snow tonight, but Beth and I are NOT holding our breaths. We'd be dead by now if we did! Poor weather guys.

Think I'm off to do a little work. I have enough caffeine in me to work all night. Buzzz buzzzz buzzzzzzzzzzzz. (That's for you, Raphi.)

PS I added a new blogger friend. Go see Sandra at Stranger on the Earth. What a lovely blog she has!


Mrs. Staggs said...

I couldn't live without my French Roast every morning. I drink a really tall mug full and then try not to have more the rest of the day. I already have insomnia!
Your shopping trip sounds like a lot of fun. It'll be fun to see what all you make with your new supplies.

miss*R said...

I gave coffee up a little while ago - but every now and then I go to a little cafe near my home and sit and sip a cappuccino...

Raphi said...

Buzzz Buzzzz Buzzzz "Caffiene gonna kill you..." Buzzzz Buzzzzzzz Buzzzzzzz..... Shlakkk!

kansasrose said...

Hey I heard caffeine helps to boost IQ and performance at work! Pass the coffee please! About 3 gallons will do. Love the vintage ad! :)



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