Friday, February 02, 2007

Excitement! New Floor!

Look how pretty the stain came out. It has it's first coat of polyeurothane on, still very wet, that smells lovely. (It won't have a gloss like this.) I am getting so excited about getting back into my new room! Or else, it's just the fumes getting me giddy.


PEA said...

Oh Rosa, it looks absolutely gorgeous!!! I can just imagine how excited you are about your new bedroom:-) Hugs xox

cityfarmer said...

That is LOVELY!!!!!!! smell and all

Mrs. Staggs said...

Both the snow and the floor are beautiful!

Beth said...

OMG,,,that is so pretty!! I love the color and the shine!! Did you go play in the snow? Daniel and I went out and I took some more pics too!
Now I want more snow,,lol. I know you can't wait to get back into that new room! Can't wait to see it when you get it all fixed up!

AnnieElf said...

Gorgeous floor. Love the window's reflection.

Anonymous said...

We did this to our Living Room and Dining Room...I so know what you mean about the fumes. Why does everything have to have such a strong odor when it comes to fixing up the

It is so pretty. Having a child in me still...I just want to slide right across it.


Tammy said...

wow...don't wear a dress...the reflection ya know!!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Oh Rosa! That floor looks gorgious! And the snow pic is so pretty....even though I really wish it would go away here now.
Love Abby`s tummy LOL
Your bedroom is so pretty too! And more food...oh my!
Just catching all up here....


kansasrose said...

I love your floor and the creme walls! Oh this is what I want for my great room! I hate my carpet. You have such a beautiful home Rosa! I love your taste. My 4 poster would look perfect in this room. ;) I like the smell of polyurethane finish and lindseed oil. Anything new and shiny. What brand flooring did you use if I may ask? xxxooo

paris parfait said...

It's beautiful! Have fun decorating.

Dianne said...

Ro, it turned out so wonderful! Can't wait to see pics of how you decorate it.

We are getting a lot of snow this morning but it's actually warming up.



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